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A Shot of Brandy Podcast is a platform that allows successful entrepreneurs to tell their stories. However, have you ever thought about what it is like having parents who run their own business? Episode 127 captures a unique perspective from Daymon Tempson. Daymon’s parents (Chanel Tempson Harris and Chef Slawta Harris) own the Off the Hook restaurants in Oklahoma City. Daymon and Brandy chat about his upbringing and how his life changed as his parents business flourished from a food truck to two restaurants. Daymon is from Edmond, Oklahoma and graduated from John Marshall High School. He explains how he juggled playing sports as well as working for his parents while attending high school. Upon graduating, he had a tough decision to make. Should he go off to college and pursue an education or work for the family business full time?  Ultimately, he chose the latter and now has more responsibilities at Off the Hook. He discloses that working with family has its ups and downs. However, it has led to excellent opportunities such as networking and flying to Los Angeles, CA to appear with his family on the Food Network. Daymon also tells how the Corona Virus has affected business at Off the Hook.
This episode was recorded on Daymon’s 20th birthday, and he reveals what life is like now that he lives on his own. He also shares the work ethic and morals that his parents instilled in him, such as the value of hard work and being financially responsible. Daymon is a go-getter with a good head on his shoulders and an incredibly bright future. He hopes to follow in his parents’ footsteps and open his own business one day. Everyone is rooting for his success as he begins to carve his own path.

Episode 126 features the one and only Okc Cake Lady. This episode is special because she is the first woman guest to record live at Creators Create Studio. It was essential to Brandy to have an outstanding woman creator on the show, and Okc Cake Lady is just that. Her cakes are truly epic, and her intrinsic attention to detail is unmatched. She has decorated cakes that are crown royal bottles, designer bags, Jordan shoes, a corvette, and even blunts and bongs. The wedding cakes she creates are elegant and regal, and she hopes to focus more on wedding cake orders. Her imagination soars and her passion for decorating pours into the cakes. Brandy and Okc Cake Lady discuss her upbringing in Oklahoma City and how she got started in the baking industry. She began working in bakeries at Albertson’s and Crest and explains how an unfortunate event led her to focus on her business full-time. Despite any challenges she has faced in the past, she has been able to overcome with grace. Her astonishing work speaks for itself and she has nearly 50,000 likes on Facebook. She also shares what is next up for her business and talks of possibly appearing on television in the future. The listeners will be able to hear the joy that she has regarding her company and the love that she has for cake decorating. She also credits her customers for aiding in her success. If you need a cake for any occasion, Okc Cake Lady is highly recommended. She can be reached for inquiries at the following:

Email- okccakelady@yahoo.com

Facebook: @Okccakelady

What happens when two podcasters link up? Find out in Episode 125 featuring Alex Taylor. Alex is from Moore, Oklahoma, and is the creator/host of three podcasts. Brandy and Alex have a light-hearted chat about content creation, staying motivated as a creator and some of their mutual favorite podcasts. Alex began listening to Taxstone while in high school and was inspired to start his first show, “The Alexander Taylor Show.” Fueled by a strong desire to succeed and motivation to help others led him to create additional shows. Podcasting served as an outlet while he battled with depression. Alex is honest and upfront about his struggles with mental health and how cognitive therapy helped improve his thought process and relationships. This led to the creation of his second show called “Let’s Do Therapy,” which discusses mental health topics with a licensed therapist. His third podcast is a relationship-based that he hosts with his girlfriend entitled “Intertwined Podcast.” Brandy and Alex also give their opinions on what it is like to have your own podcast in Oklahoma. They also converse about struggles with interacting with other curators within the podcast community. Alex also shares his goals for his podcasts and his aspiration to expand his reach to a broader audience. With 10,000 plays on his first show under his belt, Alex is definitely on his way to achieving those goals. The sky is the limit, and content is indeed currency.

IG: @At_podcasting

Youtube: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC_PLBipOE0h_dPYQ80UCcrg

When listening to 90 Bone 2’s music, the passion fueled by pain coupled with raw, candid imagery of the streets is evident. You will hear all of that and more in this episode featuring rapper 90 Bone 2. Born and raised on the eastside of Oklahoma City, 90 Bone grew up under unfavorable circumstances. This ultimately led him to street life and gang activity. Brandy and 90 Bone have a straightforward discussion regarding 90 Bone’s upbringing and the abuse he suffered as a child. He openly shares with Brandy compelling tales of his past and how spending a total of 15 years in prison changed him. Today, 90 Bone is focused on his music, and he gives the listeners a glimpse of his creative process. He is also focused on his stop the violence campaign, and the motto is “positivity is the new cool.” After learning that his daughter and her friends  were afraid to go to Penn Square Mall, 90 Bone knew that it was time to put an end to gun violence. He set his pride aside and started his silence the violence movement, which is quickly gaining support in Oklahoma City. The focus of this episode is not to glorify gang banging but to demonstrate the negative impact it has on society. 90 Bone is now utilizing his talents for the greater good and hopes to positively impact today’s youth. He also wants other gang members to realize that there is an alternative and encourages positivity despite his past. 90 Bone’s story is truly motivational, and his growth will inspire the audience. Although he did not go to high school, he has been a guest speaker at the University of Central Oklahoma and Rose State College which is an amazing accomplishment. 90 Bone 2 is a prime example that it is never too late to make strides to improve yourself and chase your dreams.

Song Featured in episode: All Facts- 90 Bone 2 Featuring Tanaja

This week’s episode features the legendary DJ Eddie Brasco. If you are from Oklahoma City and are of a certain age, then most likely, Eddie Brasco is a familiar name. He paved the way for DJs and radio hosts in Oklahoma City as one of the most popular on-air talents at Power Jamming 1140 and Power 103.5. In this show, Eddie Brasco takes us on a journey as he discusses growing up in Lawton, Oklahoma, and living in Germany during his youth. He shares that he fell in love with hip hop after hearing Aint No Half Steppin’ by Big Daddy Kane. As his passion for hip hop grew, it became evident that he wanted to contribute to the culture by becoming a DJ and later establishing a career in radio. Eddie provides insights into his career and chronicles how he went from an intern to part-time radio host to Music Director in 6 short months. He also drops an exclusive in this interview by divulging for the first time publicly why he parted ways with Perry Broadcasting. Today, Eddie is djing weekly in OKC, hosting events, and is a business owner as well. He is also one of the hosts of a popular podcast called The Chop Shop and details how the podcast came about. Brandy and Eddie converse on a variety of topics such as hip hop in the nineties, interviewing Master P in his prime, and more. Eddie also gives his thoughts on the new “laptop DJ” era. He made it clear that Brandy cannot call himself a DJ until he learns to scratch! Eddie shares his knowledge and gives priceless words of wisdom by encouraging the listeners to perform at a high level of excellence at whatever you do. Brandy grew up listening to DJ Eddie Brasco and is honored to have him on the show. He is a pioneer in the game but also has a genuine desire to see others succeed. His work ethic and drive is unmatched as he continues to be a pillar of the OKC hip hop community. This episode is definitely one you do not want to miss.

Episode 122 wraps up Black History Month with the man behind the OKC Black Eats brand, Apollo Woods. Apollo stops by to chat with Brandy regarding OKC Black Eats, LLC, and explains how the movement is bigger than food.
Apollo is originally from Duncan, OK.  He relocated to Houston for college and shares stories about his collegiate experiences. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Houston and went on to receive an Executive MBA from Texas Southern University.
Upon relocating back to Oklahoma City in 1999, Apollo noticed there was a huge gap in the market for happy hours and social events for African American professionals. He hosted many popular events in Houston and hoped to bring that same energy to Oklahoma City. Apollo and Brandy discuss the evolution of OKC Black Eats and how he plans to highlight black restaurant owners and chefs further. Most recently, they hosted OKC Black Restaurant Weeks (#OKCBRW), which was an opportunity to acclaim and recognize black-owned restaurants, chefs, food trucks and caterers in the OKC area.  Apollo is also a well-established business leader who is active in the community and shares upcoming events and projects in the episode.
This episode is perfect for all food lovers but is inspiring as well. He shares his faith and what motivates him to propel his movement forward. Apollo is a beacon of light for Oklahoma City who continues to advocate for minority business owners  to evoke change.
www.okcblackeats.com IG: @okcblackeats

The wait is over. A Shot of Brandy Podcast returns with a special 2-hour episode! This is the first show recorded in the new Creators Create Studio. This week’s guest is perfect because he, too, is a creator of many things. Demarco Robinson, aka DJ Country Fresh, joins Brandy in discussing his numerous talents. The self-taught graphic designer is also a DJ, author, game inventor, and founder of charities that focus on giving back to the community. In his first-ever interview, Demarco details his life journey as a natural-born hustler. His entrepreneurial mindset was exhibited from an early age as he began selling candy and soda at nine years old. Demarco has an exceptional work ethic, and he further describes what keeps him driven throughout the show. Demarco states, “My creativity is special; its not normal.” He used his natural abilities to develop his brand and to capitalize on his ideas. From creating Trap Spelling Bee ( a card game spelling urban slang words) to Djing on the weekends, to writing his own life story; Demarco is unrelenting in his determination to be successful. He is utilizing his platform to network and inspire others by having “ A Brunch of Kings,” which will be a networking brunch for professional black men. Demarco also explains how he is venturing into providing graphic design classes as well. 
 Demarco embodies the Jay Z line “I’d rather die enormous than live dormant.” His focus is creating generational wealth for his family while living out his legacy in the present. This episode is extraordinary and will give you the motivation you need to bring your own ideas to life.
For more information please visit www.designsbydemarco.co IG: @trapspellingbee FB: :https://www.facebook.com/demarcorobinson

A Shot of Brandy Podcast concludes this season with returning guest, Mr. King Energy himself, SoufWessDes.  The episode was recorded live from Des’ studio, KLS Studio. The rapper originally hails from Houston, TX and is one of the hottest artists in Oklahoma City. Brandy and Des chat about what he’s been up to since his last appearance on the show. Des is not only a rapper but a diversified entrepreneur as well. From throwing parties, to selling puppies, and to the upcoming opening of his dispensary, the father of three juggles it all with ease. Since dropping his last project, King Energy II, Des has been busy recording new music. He shares his recording and writing process and the negativity that comes with being an artist. The self-proclaimed humble beast is unapologetic regarding his cockiness on the microphone. Brandy and Des break down the track listing of King Energy II. With one listen, it is evident that Des is super talented with witty wordplay and a charismatic flow. The interview is fun and light-hearted but also takes a serious tone as Des discusses the importance of therapy. He profoundly states that all black men should seek counseling; and reveals how therapy has helped him grow as a person and artist. Des’ producer Bandman also joins the conversation and discloses how they collaborated to develop their signature sound. Des ends the interview with a tease of new music from his latest album tentatively titled Baby Daddy Nightmare. The controversial title is one that is sure to have listeners intrigued, but Des states, “It’s just music.” Be on the lookout for his new project next year. In the meantime, Don’t Stop is the perfect song to listen to as we transition into 2020. Don’t stop…keep going….

SoufWessDes tracks featured in this episode:
0:00- Don’t Stop
5:20- Tap In
16:48- Bandman 
22:47- Draco
27:50- Goin Down (feat David Puffin)
31:33 Palm Trees

This week’s episode was recorded live in Oklahoma City at Hubbly Bubbly and features rapper Jacobi Ryan. Jacobi is from Lawton, Oklahoma. He chats with Brandy regarding his upbringing in the military town and describes the racism he experienced. Jacobi was an exceptional basketball player who played AAU ball growing up. He graduated from Eisenhower High School and went on to play at Seminole State University and Oklahoma Baptist University. He discusses how basketball heavily influenced his life. He applied the same foundations and principles he learned from basketball to the rap game. Jacobi frankly reveals his life experiences and struggles he faced, such as performing in empty venues and even living out of his car. 
Jacobi shares that he fell in love with hip hop after hearing Puff Daddy and The Family’s No Way Out album. He began taking rap seriously after graduating from college. Jacobi goes into detail regarding his journey into the Oklahoma hip hop scene. He paid his dues and laid the groundwork to make a name for himself in Oklahoma City. He explains how he had to let his ego go to be successful. He manifested meeting Dr. View, which further led to working on both the Curriculum of the Mind and the Space Program projects. Jacobi gives insights regarding the recording process and what it was like to perform within the academic world.
 In 2019, Jacobi set out to drop one song every week. This set the bar for artists in Okc. He draws a connection to listeners by being brutally honest within his music and openly conveying his pain. Jacobi Ryan is a versatile artist who refuses to be boxed in. He can effortlessly give you a club record one week and a profoundly emotional one the next. His wordplay is unmatched. Jacobi has the innate ability to paint pictures through music vividly with a calm yet mature presence on the mic. The streets are anticipating new music from Jacobi Ryan, and he plans on releasing at least three projects in 2020. His merchandise will be available soon, so be on the lookout!
This episode is very inspiring and shows the beauty of the struggle as Jacobi Ryan states in his song Apple Stock,  “I been staring at the rainbow. Rain leaves but the pain don’t. Different episode same show; it’s the beauty of the strength though.”

Jacobi Ryan’s music featured in this episode:

Apple Stock- 0:00

So Independent (feat. Jacobi Ryan, Beety & Deezy)- 45:52

Already Know-56:29

This week’s guest is the man, the myth, the legend, the infamous Brandy Mayes aka B. Mayes. In honor of his birthday, Brandy is interviewed by his friend and past guest, Christyle Taylor.

Brandy was born  and raised in Oklahoma City.  He grew up on the north side; Western Village to be exact. He attended Edmond schools from kindergarten through 12 grade. However, most of his weekends growing up were spent on the Eastside at his grandmother’s house. Brandy discusses his upbringing and the obstacles he overcame that made him the man he is today. He graduated from Edmond Santa Fe and reveals the ups and downs he experienced while playing basketball. He made sure to tell us that he was the only team captain to win a state championship. He was the only team captainto leave with a ring.

Brandy shares how he overcomes adversity and stays loyal to himself. He details how he stepped into his Alpha manhood and continues to emerge from the dirt without a stain on his shirt. Sharing the same birthday as Jay Z; it’s no wonder that he has a creative mind and entrepreneurial spirit. He is a natural curator and has been cultivating his brand since 2008. Past curations include Top Down in the Winter 1-7,  his 30 For 30 movie chronicling his life and B Mayes TV.

This is a no-holds barred interview, and many racy topics are discussed. Brandy gets introspective and openly shares his truth. All in all, Brandy is a complex man with infectious energy. Despite any challenges he faces; he remains ten toes down. He always stays positive and rises to every occasion with renewed vigor. His goal is to continue to progress and to continue to be the voice of the people. Brandy genuinely cares about the community advancing as a whole as well. He also discusses how his podcast came about and how he manifested opening his own podcast studio. Brandy has big plans for 2020 and has a strong desire to succeed. Prolific…so gifted. This episode is very therapeutic as Brandy shares the dark times and the positive.

I am grateful and blessed to see 33 today…Jesus age..Nip age. Last year was challenging for me. I moved away from Okc for the first time to Indianapolis, Indiana and then to Dallas, Texas.  It was tough at the beginning. I hopped out of my feels and stood on ten toes. I gained deeper insight into who I am as a man and what makes me happy. No matter what came at me, I remained tapped into the universe. I stayed away from all negativity and doubters and am sucka free.

It feels good now that I have fully stepped into my purpose. I am doing what I am here to do and have had confirmation that I am moving in the right direction. I have the right people around me and I appreciate everyone who supports the podcast and the vision. I will continue to curate and drop classics. Contributing to the betterment of my community and continuing to create is what I am focused on. Thank you again to all my listeners and supporters.

“My thing is that I don’t give no person that much power over my path that I’m walkling. Not one person can make or break what I’m doing except me or God.”- Nipsey Hussle

What do restaurant owners do for Thanksgiving? Find out in this week’s Thanksgiving episode as Brandy interviews returning guest Chanel Harris. Chanel and her husband Corey own of one of Oklahoma City’s hottest restaurants, Off the Hook. Since her last appearance on the show, Off the Hook’s popularity has soared due to the couple’s appearances on The Food Network. Chanel discusses handling her newfound fame as well as the publicity garnered from being on television. Chanel remains humble despite the notoriety and high profile customers such as Jalen Hurts and Russell Westbrook. Everyone calls Chanel “boss lady,” but another moniker could be Superwoman. Chanel does it all, and she commands the respect she deserves. She elegantly juggles four businesses, managing finances and running her household with grace. She does not shy away from adversity, and candidly shares the obstacles that can occur with owning a business.  Chanel shares her plans for 2020 and hopes to appear on more TV shows with other networks to further expand their brand. At the end of the episode, Corey drops in to discuss the couple’s newest venture: Dope Foods Edible Company. Dope Foods will launch next year and will definitely be a game-changer in the edibles market. The Harris’s are truly inspirational, and they continue to put Oklahoma City on the map. 

The key to creating wealth is establishing multiple streams of income. This week’s guest, Tremaine McDonald, is the owner of multiple businesses. He chats with Brandy regarding his path to success and how he obtained his keen sense of business acumen. Tremaine is from Oklahoma City, OK and graduated from Southeast High School. He later attended the University of Central Oklahoma and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing. He is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity. While in college, Tremaine took a massive leap of faith by obtaining a student loan to open his first business. His mom had an in home daycare and Tremaine had a vision of expanding into a building to service more children. Tremaine and Brandy discuss the challenges of entrepreneurship, and Tremaine discloses how he remained optimistic despite facing obstacles. In order to continue to build wealth for his family, Tremaine bet on himself again by purchasing a dump truck. Tremaine states that “If you want to do something, don’t be afraid to ask a question.” He sought advice from Cary Pittman and Vance Dotson, who were extremely helpful in providing insight into the trucking industry. He started T- Mac Trucking, and with just under a year in business, he has already purchased his second truck. Brandy and Tremaine both drop knowledge on finances, generational wealth, and how writing down your goals can bring your vision to life. Tremaine is an excellent example of how betting on yourself and believing in yourself will always pay off.

A Shot of Brandy Podcast strives to highlight thriving African American business owners and allow them to share their journey to entrepreneurship. This week’s episode features Brian Tucker, one of the owners of All City Plug dispensary. Brian is originally from Atlantic City, New Jersey, and moved to Oklahoma City in the 8th grade. He discusses growing up in the North Highlands neighborhood and attending John Marshall High School. He also reminisces on what it was like being a part of the infamous Hollywood Clique. 
When marijuana became legal in Oklahoma, Brian saw it as a goldmine. He partnered with friends in January of 2019 and began to lay the groundwork to open All City Plug. The four additional owners include: Anthony Waller, Gharette Casper, Mackensey Brown and Kelvin Rose. On October 12, 2019 All City Plug held their grand opening. Brian provides detailed information on how the dispensary came about and the dedication of the team. He divulges the behind the scenes of opening a dispensary such as researching legal information, finding the right location, marketing, and managing overhead. Brian also gives insight into what makes his dispensary different from the competition. Two key attributes that set All City Plug apart are quality product and availability. All City Plug is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, guaranteeing accessibility to their customers.  Their mission is to “provide our community with a safe and reliable resource fulling their marijuana needs.” All City Plug is located at Located- 700 S. MacArthur Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73128

Instagram- @allcityplug 

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/AllCityPlug/?__tn__=%2Cd%2CP-R&eid=ARA611JgAVKrorlQsmqoTjG31xGhyfZGIdtW4c2DT3I8gjW_qQcQpf_2NE4RXoUYYFk_GaCcnww0f0wK

Nipsey Hussle stated, “On a mission, your worst enemy is idle time.” This week’s guest has not remained idle as he has put in work for Oklahoma City’s hip-hop scene for the past 20 years. This episode features J. Poe, aka The General, one of Oklahoma City’s legends. J. Poe has played an integral part in the local rap community by making substantial contributions and continuously putting on for the city. J. Poe is an emcee and host who was born and raised on the southside of Okc; specifically, Kerr Village.  Brandy chats with J. Poe regarding his upbringing and how he began his hosting career by hosting freestyle battles. Known for his big personality, he quickly became the voice of the streets. His talent for entertaining, popularity and his keen ability to excite the crowd led to him being Core DJs first Core emcee. Listening to the episode is like going down memory lane, as J. Poe recalls the early days of the hip hop scene in OKC. Respect is a huge theme in this podcast. J. Poe pays respect to artists from Okc and Tulsa who are making waves. He also pays respect to DJ Tone, who recently passed away. Brandy and J. Poe candidly discuss the state of the hip hop culture in Okc and how it has evolved over the years. J. Poe emphatically gives Jabee his props as being the face of Oklahoma rap. Though some say the game should be sold and not told, J. Poe divulges tips for up and coming artists for free throughout the show. Much respect to J. Poe- a true icon whose respect has been well earned.

A Shot of Brandy Podcast returns to Oklahoma City for Season 11. This season’s first guest is Darron Lamkin; an engineer by day who has a true passion for being a champion for the youth of Oklahoma City.  Darron hails from Oklahoma City but bounced around to 27 different schools before ultimately graduating from Putnam City Original High School. He shares his trials and tribulations that occurred during his upbringing and how his experiences created his tenacious desire to succeed. Holding tightly to the values instilled by his mother, Darron overcame his obstacles and graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He persevered and went on to receive a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management. Darron states that “applied knowledge is power” and he wanted to utilize the knowledge obtained from his education to embolden this generation. This led to the birth of his nonprofit organization called Class Matters, Inc. Class Matters provides science, technology, engineering and mathematics exposure to disadvantaged youth of Okc. Darron talks of his organization and how he is helping to empower students with opportunities to fulfill their dreams. The program has a high success rate with helping over 400 students go to college. Darron is an outstanding community leader and motivational speaker. His dedication and community involvement makes it evident that he is truly a class act. To learn more about Class Matters or to donate please visit www.class-matters.org.

This episode concludes Season X of A Shot of Brandy Podcast. The podcast moved to Texas and this was the best season to date. I am on top of my game and the best I have ever been. I diligently strived to ensure the podcast remained successful. I also practiced all summer long to DJ my first big event; my best friend’s wedding. My hard work paid off and I had the time of my life at the wedding in Cabo. In this episode, I reflect on manifesting on the beach and visualizing my goals coming to fruition. I also share thoughts on seeing my best friend take the plunge and enter manhood. As Nipsey said ” Ocean views, small circle it’s the chosen few, I wrote it down and I followed through.” The marathon continues………….

Many girls and women often envision their big day- the day they will marry the man of their dreams. This week wedding bells are ringing as Nicci Hudson, soon to be Cheatham joins the podcast for a special episode. Nicci is marrying Brandy’s best friend Kevin and the wedding is less than a week away! Nicci takes a break from her busy schedule to talk about the excitement as her destination wedding in Cabo approaches.

Nicci was born and raised in Dallas, but TX has strong roots in Chicago with her parents both being from the windy city. She talks of life growing up in Dallas as well as her time in competitive gymnastics and cheerleading. Nicci went on to attend Oklahoma State University.  At OSU she won two national championships in competitive cheer. During her senior year in college, she worked on a documentary detailing the journey to her final competition. Making the documentary uncovered Nicci’s true passion for film production. Upon receiving her degree in Broadcast Journalism, Nicci set out to begin her career. Nicci and Brandy discuss the challenges she faced and what ultimately led to her landing her dream job and relocating to New York City. She is currently a video producer for the prestigious Mount Health System. Her talent has been highly recognized as she recently won a New York Emmy for her video production.

While planning her wedding and holding down a fulltime corporate job, Nicci and Kevin have embarked on a new venture in owning their own production company. Nicci’s passion, drive, and dream to create her own content fueled her to create Drix Media. Drix Media services corporations and small businesses, providing quality and professional visual content. They combine creative story telling with engaging visuals and have goals of expanding the business to films and documentaries.

Nicci wraps up the episode with more reflections regarding her big day and the events that led up to this moment. Nicci Hudson (now Cheatham) is a true testament that with hard work and believe in yourself you can achieve your dreams. As a corporate woman, entrepreneur, her opportunities are endless. Congratulations again to the happy couple.


This week’s Texas edition of the podcast features rising rap star, Black Pat. Black Pat’s magnetic energy can be felt through his music and by everyone he encounters.  Black Pat and Brandy light-heartedly chat regarding his childhood growing up in Desoto, TX. As a preacher’s kid, Black Pat was heavily influenced by his church roots. His late older brother Phineo also influenced him musically but also as a person overall.  Musically, Kanye West, who helped give him the courage to be authentic to his true self, inspired him. Black Pat began his music career in high school. He formed a group with friends called L7. Shortly after his high school football dreams were derailed, he broke out as a solo artist. His first mixtape Late Night Thoughts was hosted by 97.9 The Beat’s J. Kruz. From there he quickly rose to become one of Dallas’ most popular artists and was booked in Atlanta and New York City. Black Pat is a man of many talents and discusses his other ventures such as throwing parties, his podcast and YouTube channel.  Black Pat’s story details one where passion meets opportunity. He states, “I can do all things I hustle for” and his actions confirm that he is a true hustler in regards to his music. His music expresses vulnerability, and his witty lyrics invoke emotion that connects to the audience. He also discusses the life events that encouraged him to write his newest project entitled Alicia’s Playlist, which will be released soon. Black Pat is a gifted artist who will be taking his talents to Los Angeles, CA. He is definitely one to watch as he takes the music industry by storm. You can follow Black Pat’s road to fame by viewing his blogs on his Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/blackpatkid

IG: @Blackpatkid

Music featured in this episode:

0:00- Hustle

56:51- Don’t Be Lame

This week’s Texas edition of the podcast is a Tulsa takeover featuring World Culture Music members. Fresh off the World Culture Music Festival (Oklahoma’s largest hip- hop festival), they embarked on a summer tour entitled Tour De Culture. Prior to the Dallas concert, the artists dropped in on the podcast to discuss how they started in music, their individual styles and the state of the hip -hop scene in Tulsa. Each artists has attained notoriety in Tulsa due to their strong contributions and influence on shifting the hip-hop presence in their city. They chat about their plans for the future, upcoming projects and bringing back the nostalgia of anticipating new music. They also converse regarding the expansion of the World Culture Music Festival with hopes to rival South by Southwest. After listening to the episode, it will be blatantly clear to the audience that their motto stands true; World Culture Music is not just for the city but for the world.

Appearances by:

Keezy Kuts –@keezykuts- Brandy’s college friend and talented rapper whose music has a playful party vibe with clever bars.

Steph Simon- @stephxsimon  A Tulsa legend known for his metaphors and vivid imagery.

Keeng Cut- @keengcut  A R&B singer and rapper with a unique sound and ear grabbing melodies.

Tone’s Beach- @tonesbeach-  World Culture Music Creative Director and amazing rapper with a distinct flow.

B Pade- @padetea Smooth rapper with his own smooth beverage called Pade Tea. Pade Tea is a premium blend of cognac, fresh brewed tea and spring water.

1ST Verse-@1stthingsverse An OG of the downtown Tulsa rap scene, whose music is real hip hop with the presence of supreme lyricism.

Music featured in this episode:

11:50 Boujee (Kush and Water)- Keezy Kuts

12:40 Upside (Simon Sez)- Steph Simon feat. J. Friday

40:43- Cuttin Up- Keeng Cut

43:03- 2U Keeng Cut

54:22- No Parking Enterprises – Tones Beach

101:53- Everyday In TULSA – Tones Beach

1:14:08- Sooner State- 1st Verse

1:23:10- The City That Always Sleeps- 1st Verse

156:21- Fly – Keeng Cut Ft. Steph Simon & Hakeem Elijuwon

This week’s episode features Andrea Riley, a Dallas legend and one of Oklahoma State University’s most decorated basketball players.  Riley was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. She proudly represents Oak Cliff and talks about how life was growing up in the infamous area. It seems as if Riley was born with a basketball in her hand. She began playing basketball at the mere age of three and her love for the game increased over the years. Her father, who was also her coach, developed her natural talent. She quickly became an elite level athlete and played on AAU teams with older students. Riley breaks down her career and how she enhanced her skills and drive to become the athlete she is today. She also explains why she de-committed from the University of Miami and ultimately chose to play for Oklahoma State University. She also discloses personal challenges and adversities that resulted in strengthening her as a player. It was at OSU where she laid the foundation to build her legacy.  She made a tremendous impact on not only the program but also on the Big 12 conference as a whole. After her senior season, Riley was the Big 12’s all leading scorer with 2,835 points. Ultimately, her jersey at OSU was retired. Riley was also the number 8th overall draft pick and signed with the Los Angeles Sparks. Riley discusses what it was like competing in the WNBA and gives a deeper insight to politics within the league. While not currently in the WNBA, Riley is not quite ready to put down the ball. She hints of new projects and opportunities on the horizon. She currently trains student athletes and will soon be a personal trainer as well. Riley embraces her legendary status but states that she is often misunderstood. This episode gives profound insight on Riley as a person and multifaceted athlete.

Andrea Riley Stats

-4 year All-American

-Big 12 Freshman of the Year

-High School State Champion at Dallas Lincoln

-8th Overall WNBA Draft pick- Los Angeles Sparks

-Nancy Lieberman Best Point Guard Awared

-909 points total senior year at OSU- 12th best in NCAA history

-707 assists in 4 seasons at OSU

For training inquires: therileyway10@yahoo.com

Instagram: @theregorileyboo

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lil.riley.5

This week, Brandy’s friends Dre and Christyle Taylor stop by for a lively discussion on the podcast. Both were on previous episode’s individually but in this episode they join forces for a candid talk on a variety of topics including marriage, raising kids, entrepreneurship; and building their own brands. The couple was in Dallas celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary and openly share what makes their marriage work. In today’s society, many feel pressured to be “relationship goals” especially due to the rise of social media. However, Dre and Christyle explain that marriage is hard work and they have to choose each other daily. While their marriage is super important, they also feel that maintaining their own individuality is equally important. They discuss how they inspire and motivate one another to keep propelling forward. They are honest about being non-conventional and doing what works best for them and their happiness. Both make it clear that they are living life by their own rules and working together to make their dreams a reality. They also give the listeners a deeper insight on stepping out on faith in order to start your own business. While the couple reiterates that they do not want to be deemed as “goals”- indeed they are just that…goals! They are both successful in their own right but still have a happy and healthy marriage. This episode illustrates what it is like when two bosses come together and succeed in elevating each other to their highest potential.

A Shot of Brandy Podcast’s anonymous series gives people a platform to share their stories unfiltered and free from judgment. In this week’s show, the anonymous guest  is identified is as only “E”. He candidly shares his journey of struggling with an opioid addiction and his long road to sobriety.  “E” now lives in Texas but is originally from Jacksonville, FL. The fast paced Florida lifestyle and allure of quick money lead “E” to begin selling drugs at the mere age of 13. He continued to build his “street pharmaceutical” business while in college. Unfortunately “E” failed to take heed to rule #4 of the 10 Crack Commandments- “never get high on your own supply.” He began to dabble with using opiates at the age of 21. “E” provides a detailed account of how his drug addiction lead him down a dark and destructive path and the abuse of  harder substances.  He describes how his life spiraled out of control, which resulted in DUI’s, arrests, and losing his job.  Throughout the episode, “E’” reveals various accounts of teachable moments that shifted his perspective on his negative experiences. He also explains how he hit rock bottom and what ultimately caused him to seek treatment. He completed two stints in rehab with the support of his girlfriend and family. Brandy and “E” discuss how life is different for him today after kicking his addiction. Despite the tough times he encountered, “E” has a positive outlook on life. He is a true survivor and a testament that with hard work and inner strength you have the power to overcome all obstacles. “E” concludes the episode with advice for anyone who may be struggling with addiction- seek help, attend meetings and surround yourself with people who genuinely care and love you.

What happens when you combine a mansion, alcohol, nine men and two mics? An epic conversation!

This week’s episode was filmed live in Scottsdale, Arizona while celebrating Kevin Cheatham’s bachelor party. Kevin is Brandy’s best friend and no stranger to the show.  Taking a cue from Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk, Brandy uses this opportunity to have an open and honest dialogue with the groom and groomsmen.  Kevin opens up regarding life in NYC, his upcoming nuptials and his future goals.  The men share their growth and challenges they have all overcome since high school and college.  This episode is unique: grown men vibing and  chatting about life changes such as marriage, kids, parenting styles, finances and their careers. A theme of the episode is valuable time. Time is a valuable commodity and of the essence.  The episode celebrates strong friendships and the memories that will last for a lifetime. In a society that often honors toxic masculinity; it is refreshing to see a group of men express genuine love. They also disclose a few of the bachelor party shenanigans but what happens in Scottsdale stays in Scottsdale.

Drake’s line “How you let me run it down here? I’m not even from around here” adequately fits this week’s guest. Lauren McMillian is a Dallas transplant who has been making a tremendous impact on the Dallas scene since 2014. The creative director, influence, blogger, podcastor and on-air host chats with Brandy on how she cultivated her brand.  Lauren explains how life was growing up in Detroit and then relocating to Houston where she spent her formative years. She attended the University of Oklahoma and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English. While in college, she began making flyers for fraternities and club events. As she honed her craft, Lauren soon became in high demand. This ultimately led to creation of her graphic design business; Arrogant Images. Lauren is a true boss who just celebrated 3 years of working for herself independently. She discusses the transition from working in marketing and public relations in corporate America to betting on herself and building her own business. Lauren is a marketing genius who utilized her talents to throw her own parties and events under her event brand Netwerk and Chill.  A true hip-hop head; Lauren also hosts on air interviews for Cosign Magazine. She has interviewed artists such as Day26, Jas Prince and Bun B to name a few.  Most recently, Lauren has started a podcast called Drop It In the Group Chat. She and her cohost Rufus discuss hip-hop, pop culture, and all topics that go down in the group chat. Whether she is creating social media campaigns, creating flyers for prominent businesses, interviewing artists or writing, Lauren does it all with originality and professionalism. Lauren ends the episode with integral advice for up and coming entrepreneurs that will certainly put you on game.




In today’s society marriage appears to be obsolete. With constant temptations and social media at our fingertips; can a marriage truly be successful?  In this week’s episode, Marqus Stutson shares that the answer is yes!

Marqus Stutson hails from Oklahoma City and is a UCO alum. He chats with Brandy about how his experiences as a student athlete laid the foundation for his determination and work ethic.

Marqus  also candidly reveals what he has learned through his experiences with relationships. Marqus is very transparent and details the tough trials he overcame and mistakes he made while dating his now wife Kayla. He discloses the moment that changed the trajectory of his relationship with Kayla and what made him realize that she is the one.  Kayla also gives her perspective and expresses how she used discernment and listened to God regarding her relationship with Marqus. Ultimately, God had the final say in regards to their relationship. Their powerful testimony led to the  creation of the Marriage Chronicles. The Marriage Chronicles provides insightful videos, information and tips on how to build a successful marriage with a solid foundation. Initially the Stutsons wanted to simply share their love story to encourage others. The positive feedback led to the couple creating a website, Youtube Channel and Facebook page. Their goal is “to equip, mentor, and provide a reality to being young and married.”  The couple does not claim to be perfect by any means. However, they use their platform to not only share their mistakes but the steps they take to nurture their marriage.  Kayla and Marqus are a true embodiment of 1 Corinthians 13:7 “Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful and endures through every circumstance.”  The end of the podcast features audio from The Marriage Chronicles on 6 rules on serving your spouse.


Instagram: @_marriage_chronicles_

In this week’s episode, Brandy kicks off the Texas edition of the podcast with special guest Stevie Johnson. He has been busy since his last appearance on the show.  The producer, dj, scholar and community activist can now add doctor as one of his titles. He received his Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration from the University of Oklahoma in May 2019.  Dr. View discusses how he fused higher academia with hip hop culture to create “Curriculum of the Mind”; a 25 track album to defend his 250 page dissertation. The album is a project by The Space Program, a dual record label and nonprofit organization of which Dr. View is the CEO.  “Curriculum of the Mind’ vividly illustrates the struggles and anti-black experiences African American males endure while attending predominately white institutions. The album exemplifies the college experience from a black male’s perspective. It also speaks of other issues within the community such as poverty, racism, and the battle with self. Dr. View explains that it was a collective effort by the rappers and spoken word artists who aided to bring the project and visuals to life. He also details how he prepared to defend his dissertation.  He outlines how he was able to wear multiple hats of researcher, producer and manager in order to successfully execute his vision. Dr. View also shares with Brandy his future plans now that he has received his doctorate as well as goals for The Space Program.The album is not an educational rap project but a true hip hop album. It is a brilliant body of music with poignant imagery, amazing production and powerful lyrics that articulate the hardships black men in college face and how they can overcome.

Curriculum of The Mind tracks featured on the podcast:

0:00-Running For My Life (feat. Jacobi Ryan, Beety, & Original Flow) (Produced by Dr. View)

13:07- The Time Has Come (feat. Beety & Original Flow) (Produced by Dr. View)

16:14- Me Against the World (feat. Willie G, Beety, & Jacobi Ryan) (Produced by Dr. View)

28:29- Colored People Time (feat. MAC Woods) (Produced by Dr. View)

35:04- I’m Coming Home (feat. Day’Quann Ervin) (Composed by Am’re Ford)

38:33-  So Independent (feat. Jacobi Ryan, Beety & Deezy) (Produced by Dr. View)

66:18 Polaroids (feat. MAC Woods, Jacobi Ryan, Willie G, Deezy & Thomas Who) (Produced by Dr. View)


Two years ago I had a dream. God spoke to me in my dream and told me to be the voice for my people. He wanted me to display how brilliant we are- he wanted to say black excellence but didn’t lol. I was scared just by the thought, but I did the work. It is now 100 episodes later and I am glad I listened. I have come a long way to get here mentally. Growing up, I was made fun of my name and how I talked. I flipped it and have them talking like me and now my name is my brand. Manifestation is real. The way you speak and the way you think has to power to either help you or hinder you. I only want the best for my people. I set out to do what I wanted to do. My goal is to give people the information they are looking for to provide that boost to start whatever they are scared to start. I am here to give you the motivation and assurance that you can do anything you put your mind to. I led by example and did just that. There are gems in these episodes. If you apply them to your life daily, you will start to see the change. My podcast was never for likes or shares. I never made a dime off of the podcast. I invested in my brand and spend over 2 bands to get the right equipment. This is something I believe in and I wanted to get the right equipment so you can receive it in a way you can digest fully. I sincerely thank you for the likes and shares. For the past two years I have stayed consistent by dropping every Wednesday. I take my time to prepare for the following week to ensure the highest level of quality. It feels good to be at 100 when I know how scared I was to start Episode 1. Stop thinking and just do it…whatever it may be. Thank you- Brandy Mayes.

A lot has transpired since Chop Chop last visited the show in Episode 32. This week, Chop returns to discuss his successful streetwear line – Seasoned Clothing and Apparel. Hip Hop is always ready to crown the next but Chop felt it was necessary to celebrate the seasoned vets. He discusses how he desired to create not just T-shirts, but meaningful conversation pieces with a hip hop flair influenced by FUBU and Karl Kani. Chop explains how he felt there was a gap in the market for streetwear from people who looked like him and thought like him. He utilized his hustler’s mentality and went straight to consumer and was soon in high demand. The brand was able to obtain a new audience on the West Coast after a post from Nipsey Hussle and several viral posts also created a buzz for the brand. Seasoned Clothing is now international and creating their own niche in the marketplace. Chop gives a behind the scene look on the dedication necessary to not only create a dope brand but one that endures to elevate the culture. From learning to screen print, to creating sketches and bringing the vision to life; Chop details his hands on involvement. Chop also employs his brand to work with local and international graphic designers and artists to give others a platform as well. Chop also discusses what’s next for the brand and how they will continue to revolutionize the game. At a time when many are nostalgic for that classic hip hop feeling, Seasoned Clothing Apparel is giving us the flavor we are craving.


This week’s episode features Oklahoma City’s own StuddaBudda. StuddaBudda is uniquely multifaceted and has always celebrated his individualism. He states that life is simply “a collection of perspectives.” He openly shares with Brandy his perspectives on life and what cultivated him to be the artist he is today.

StuddaBudda grew up in Oklahoma City and had a fondness for music and sports at an early age. He was a talented athlete which led to a short stint in playing college football after graduating high school from Santa Fe. He then moved to Kansas City and attended school for video production. It was there that he began to flourish his rap skills. Once he returned to Okc in 2005, StuddaBudda began making a name for himself in the underground rap scene. It was a slow and steady grind that helped build his foundation and he soon became a respected local artist. Not one to shy away from controversy; StuddaBudda and Brandy also openly discuss conflicts that arose between artists. StuddaBudda was influential in bridging the gap between Okc and Tulsa’s hip hop community.

StuddaBudda has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to fashion. Therefore, it was no surprise that he began his own eco-fashion line called Okcvlt. The line is inspired by 80’s fashion such as the movie The Warriors and Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal video. By utilizing old denim pieces to create fresh jackets and vests, he is able to provide a sustainable solution to fashion. Although, he does not consider to be a designer,but a true artist. His slogan “death before designer” is a true testament to his craft. He states “I do not want to be the next Gucci or Prada…I just want to do me.” By taking a look at StuddaBudda’s fashion, art, or listening to his music, it is clear that he is doing just that. He has found success with staying in his lane and forging his own path. With new projects on the horizon, StuddaBudda is sure to further expand his fashion brand to new heights.

The nightlife scene in Oklahoma City has changed dramatically over the years. However, one person has remained a constant successful contributor to elevating the city’s nightlife experience. That person is Los Sanders. This week, Los stops by to converse with Brandy regarding his newests ventures!

Los has had a keen sense of business acumen from an early age. He received his first taste of owning his own business by selling kool aid dip packets at the mere age of 10. Los discusses his love of all things business and what it was like growing up in Midwest City, Ok. He attended Langston University and went on to obtain his MBA by dually attending the University of Oklahoma and Webster University. While at Langston, Los pledged Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity and began throwing house parties. This ultimately led him and friends to start the legendary promotional group 06 Entertainment. 06 Entertainment gained popularity fast and quickly garnered the reputation for throwing some of the hottest parties in Okc. Los assisted with setting the standard for classy but fun events for young professionals.

One of Los’s goals has always been to “give the city what they want” by providing a safe and secure environment to party and socialize with friends

Los stated “business is my hobby” and he shares with Brandy the importance of acquiring residual income in real estate and other investments. The entrepreneur also discusses the evolution of his past client partnership with Success Vodka and his goal of setting the company up to become a future household name.

This week’s episode features licensed carpenter and custom woodworking designer Nolan Young. Nolan is the owner of Gifted Hands Carpentry and Gifted Hands TV Mounting and Installation Services. The name of his business “Gifted Hands” is very fitting as his talent for custom designs is evident upon viewing his work. Hailing from the north side of Oklahoma City, Nolan is putting OKC on the map with his unique artistry in furniture design and woodworking. Brandy and Nolan chat about his childhood and what it was like attending various schools in the city. Nolan explains that he initially wanted to be a chef. However, the stars aligned for him to transition to find his true calling in carpentry and design. After receiving his carpentry license, Nolan began featuring his work on Facebook which helped him gain popularity and customers. His craft speaks for itself and the influx of orders further propelled his business. He was then able to leave corporate America and start solely working for himself. Nolan candidly discusses the ups and downs of owning his own company. From designing custom orders for celebrities to getting robbed and having to restart from scratch; Nolan has handled it all with dignity. Nolan’s tenacity and faith allowed him to persevere despite the hardships. He explains how he used the negative experiences to further enhance his business which resulted in success. Nolan utilized his hustler’s mentality to expand his carpentry business to also offer TV mounting and installation services. His business motto is “Bringing Your Vision to Reality with My Hands.” By custom designing everything from entertainment centers, cabinets, book shelves, shoe boxes and even yoni steam chairs, Nolan is able to do just that. You can check out his artistry and book him for your design needs at the following:

Instagram: @giftedhandscarpentry

Facebook: Gifted Hands Carpentry

Facebook: Gifted Hands TV Mounting & Installation Services

Ziggie Oleru is known by many names, but somehow still manages to fly under the radar as a member of OKC’s business and hip hop communities. Zig stops by the show and talks to Brandy about growing up in what often felt like different worlds all at once. With a Nigerian father who’d immigrated to the states in the 80s and an African American mother with roots on the Eastside of OKC, her upbringing ranged from Catholic school to Casper Drive and best friends from all over the world. By the time she made it to Northeast, Ziggie was focused on college and welcomed being in a new environment. The Senior Contract Specialist and Project Management Professional is now a graduate student pursuing a Masters in Business Analytics. The two discuss the basics of what a business analyst does – and doesn’t do – while exploring practical problem solving tactics anybody can use. As she was advancing in Corporate America, Ziggie ran a creative consulting firm, Bellevue Biz, and serves as the Business Manager on the EAT team supporting Zie (Episode 25). With no shortage of creativity and business savvy, Ziggie shares how she’s navigated academic, corporate, creative, and hood spaces with ease. The episode rounds out with a trip to Nigeria and lessons learned from Ziggie’s village and extended family.

The credit queen herself De’Iona Monay returns to the podcast to chat with Brandy about what’s new with her credit repair business. The credit coach, inspirational speaker and soon to be author discusses how she rebranded her business entitled Extreme Financial Academy. The purpose of the academy is to not only expound on credit repair but also to diversify her portfolio of financial services to further assist clients. She explains how she recognized the upswing trend in technology and used that to her advantage to capitalize on digital coaching. By expanding from credit repair to coaching, De’Iona is able to assist with educating clients and giving them the tools they need for success on hand in digital format. The two also discuss other topics such as the missing links in today’s educational system regarding finance, her flourishing public speaking opportunities and the transition from full-time employment to full-time entrepreneurship. The informative coach even drops a gem on how to settle student load debt effectively. De’Iona plans to further spread her knowledge by publishing two books; Lost in the Sauce and Breaking Barriers. The books will outline how to strategically build wealth but also will share her personal struggles in a difficult relationship. Be on the lookout as De’Iona is planning a multi-city tour to provide financial education in a fun yet instructive environment. For more information on De’Iona Monay be sure to check out her first appearance on the podcast in Episode 37

“Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle.” —Martin Luther King Jr. How do men overcome the struggles to initiate change? These week’s episode provides tools that help uplift end empower men. Recorded live from the Making of Men Breakfast, listeners will be privy to hearing encouraging words from speakers and pastors within the Okc community. The Making of Men Breakfast was presented by Believe, Inc; founded by Steve Davis. The theme for the conference was “Why Great Men Fall’. Various topics such as stress, mental illness, depression, and grief are discussed openly and ways to master these trials are outlined. The dynamic speakers offer relatable biblical advice on how transparency can lead to transformation. This conference was by invitation only so it is an honor to share this episode. Hopefully it will minister to you and you will share with men who need it ad mental health for black men is critical.

Part I

Pastor Donald Woody Sr.- Topic: Why Great Men Fall

Pastor Derrick Walter-Topic: Compartmentalization

Part II

Lee Roland- Topic: Stress and Pressure

Pastor Booker- Topic: Depression and Moods

“Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle.” —Martin Luther King Jr. How do men overcome the struggles to initiate change? These week’s episode provides tools that help uplift end empower men. Recorded live from the Making of Men Breakfast, listeners will be privy to hearing encouraging words from speakers and pastors within the Okc community. The Making of Men Breakfast was presented by Believe, Inc; founded by Steve Davis. The theme for the conference was “Why Great Men Fall’. Various topics such as stress, mental illness, depression, and grief are discussed openly and ways to master these trials are outlined. The dynamic speakers offer relatable biblical advice on how transparency can lead to transformation. This conference was by invitation only so it is an honor to share this episode. Hopefully it will minister to you and you will share with men who need it ad mental health for black men is critical.

Part I

Pastor Donald Woody Sr.- Topic: Why Great Men Fall

Pastor Derrick Walter-Topic: Compartmentalization

Part II

Lee Roland- Topic: Stress and Pressure

Pastor Booker- Topic: Depression and Moods

Hailing from Oklahoma City’s eastside, business man Dekoven Edwards stops by the podcast. Although seemingly laid back, the two have a candid discussion regarding a variety of topics including the marijuana business, politics, fatherhood and economics within the black community. Dekoven discusses his unique journey to business ownership starting with obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Communication from University of Central Oklahoma. The morals instilled by his father led him to join Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity which further nurtured his desire for success. Once medical marijuana became legal in Oklahoma, Dekoven sprang into action by educating himself on the industry. This resulted in the opening of Eden Pharmaceuticals in Midwest City, OK. Dekoven shares the process of opening a business and what sets his business a part from the increasing amount of competition. By growing and harvesting his own product, he is able to provide a unique yet high quality weed all customers can appreciate. He also shares his dreams of expansion for not only is business but his family. He also shares his hopes to assist in the revitalization the east side and putting money back into the black community. This episode provides a perceptive look into the marijuana business and is proof that all it takes is determination and the drive to succeed to accomplish your goals.

“The Divine Voice is not always expressed in words. It is made known as a heart consciousness.” What happens when you take heed to the Divine Voice and answer God’s calling on your life? This question is answered in this episode as Pastor Brian Prince shares his journey to becoming a distinguished preacher and pillar in the black community. Born and raised on Oklahoma City’s East side, Pastor Prince always knew his life had a deeper purpose. He transparently shares his life path of obeying the greater call. He opens up about his life’s experiences including attending Langston University, obtaining a psychology degree, joining Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity and spending time in the Army. Elder Prince has been the pastor of Greater New Bethlehem Temple since 2015 and is taking the church to soaring new heights by expanding to a global headquarters. He also plans to further his ministry and impact on young lives by opening a boy’s home. Listen as Pastor Prince drops spiritual gems on the formula to success and how your dreams will manifest if you let God use you and serve Him completely.

This week author, teacher, and PhD student Shaina Thomas returns to the podcast. The talented writer shares how life has changed since her goal of publishing her first book was achieved. Shaina opens up about the intricate details of how her book came to fruition throughout the process of self-publishing. Her book entitled Tulsa’s Legacy was developed from a series of projects and the author states the characters grew with her. This episode gives a deeper understanding of the multi-faceted progression of writing a book. The author shares how creating the point of view, pace, and bringing the words and characters to life are imperative. From developing the cover art, self-promotion and navigating the business side of publishing- Shaina Thomas appears to be able to successfully do it all. Her book has received amazing feedback and is even being developed into curriculum in Oklahoma City Public Schools. Shaina also discusses what’s next in regards to future projects, book tours and virtual novel exhibits. The novel, Tulsa’s Legacy, is a coming of age novel circled around the Tulsa Race Riots of 1921. This is a story that must not only be told but understood and Shaina Thomas is up for the challenge. The book is currently available on Amazon.com and will be in Barnes and Noble soon.

Recorded live from Off the Hook’s South Location, Chef Slawta returns to the podcast. In this episode Chef Slawta cooks up an insightful conversation with Brandy regarding what is next for the restaurant and his business as he expands his brand. While the conversation remains lighthearted; the chef and entrepreneur candidly discuss challenges of being a black owned business and how he handles the adversity that comes with success. He further goes into detail about the evolution of his empire; from starting with the food truck to currently owning 2 locations while launching new business ventures. Chef Slawta has plans to further flourish by capitalizing on the legalization of marijuana in Oklahoma by launching Dope Foods Edible Company. As Chef Slawta continues to hone his craft; he continues to excel to higher heights within the food industry and is sure to go far.

In 2019, it seems as if rap has become an individual sport and rap groups have somewhat become a thing of the past. The Correlation hopes to change this as four solo artists (Yung Jones, Broox, State Gang Vince and Xavier Martin) joined forces. In this episode, The Correlation stops by fresh off the release of their self-titled EP in which each rapper contributes their own unique vibe to each song. The guys candidly discuss the EP track by track. They break down the writing process, how the verses are split up, inspiration, and how the project was developed. Their chemistry is evident as the group fed off of each other’s energy to create a classic. The four song EP has something all hip hop lovers can enjoy- clever verses over fire beats coupled with storytelling that identifies with the streets. However, there is one track specifically for the ladies with a timeless Tony! Toni! Tone! sample. The Correlation EP will definitely leave you wanting to hear more. The group also shares their future individual projects, goals for The Correlation, and how they plan on contributing to putting OKC on the map.

Kerron Leache is a man on a mission. As a coach for his son’s Trae Young Elite basketball team, Coach K drops by to discuss balancing coaching and fatherhood. Holding a Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling, the licensed professional counselor utilizes his educational background to inspire student athletes of Oklahoma City on and off the court. In this week’s episode, Coach K shares his unique journey to manhood. He goes into depth on how his experiences moving around at a young age , attending UCO, pledging Alpha Phi Alpha and fatherhood shaped him into who he is today. This episode provides insight on child psychology as well as the importance of empowering today’s youth.

A hustler from the beginning, Quintrell Johnson’s determination ultimately changed the trajectory of his life. The father and business owner stops by the show to talk with Brandy about growing up on the Northside, learning multiple trades, and journeying through life. Quintrell’s heart for helping others led him to pursue a Masters in rehabilitative counseling. Not one to get too comfortable, he moved into a new role at a local hospital as a mental health therapist and then started a cable company – ModernCableTV Inc. The two talk about the impact of planning out your day, focusing on your goals, and learning from your mistakes.

Felicia Burkley is probably not what you’d expect. She’s a chocolate skinned black woman, with a white mom, studying traditional Chinese medicine, originally from Midwest City, Oklahoma currently living in Los Angeles. She is a certified yoga instructor, energy healer, Reiki practitioner, and proud Delta woman. Within moments of meeting her, it’s clear that she’s special. More likely to meet you with a hug and smile than anything else, Felicia’s passion is healing. The third year medical student talks to Brandy about her journey of being adopted into a loving family, returning to the fearlessness of her youth, and how thoughts create the world around us. The two discuss energy, forgiveness, and embracing yourself for who you are. FeFe closes the show with a live card reading and drops some knowledge on the practice of setting intentions.

An Oklahoma legend stops by the show and lays out the game. With roots in Spencer, Nitro is no stranger to hustle. After picking up the mic at 12, he’d go on to take Oklahoma Hip Hop to places it had never been and hasn’t been since. The unprecedented success of hit-single “Hennessy” helped position Nitro to be a forerunner for his camp. Two decades later, the artist, father, and businessman hasn’t missed a beat. Nitro breaks down the economics of the music industry, being an independent artist, and what it takes to make it. Spoiler alert: the secret isn’t talent. With the strategy of a coach and the agility of a player, Nitro is still in the studio, making music, developing artists, and networking throughout the industry.

Joe’s talent outpaces how long he’s actually been creating art. He entered a tattoo shop as a customer, but left with his passion. The young artist went from drawing on paper day after day to purchasing a kit and tattooing himself. Even as his own biggest critic, Joe’s work was so well done that his social media platforms grew, driving customers to book him for their ink. Not one to stay in his comfort zone, he began painting and creating original works of art on canvases other than skin. Joe talks to Brandy about growing up in Oklahoma, his journey to becoming an artist, why people get face tats, and how you know that you’ve found your purpose. In school, he didn’t consider himself to be particularly creative or have a special interest in art, but his first grade teacher was spot on when she said that his perspective was beyond his years and called him an artist. Keep an eye on Works By Joe because if you blink, you’ll probably miss his next level up.

Oklahoma Tattoo Gallery
12339 N Rockwell Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73142

EP 81: Vernon Deas

As owner and creative director of Grp Fly Creative and Group Fly Clothing, Vernon Deas has powered through the peaks and valleys of entrepreneurship. After ten years in the game, you’d think he’d be ready to slow down. The husband and father is actually looking to pass the baton to an up and coming creative in order to free him up to focus on strategy, building, and revisiting an old love – hip hop. Vern catches up with Brandy to tell the story of how Group Fly came to be as well as the moments that almost looked like it wouldn’t work out. Through faith, tenacity, creativity, and a willingness to follow God’s lead, the losses became lessons and served as stepping stones for the business’ growth. This episode is a blueprint for aspiring entrepreneurs and brand development. Long story short – this doesn’t happen overnight and being a good person goes a long way.

Grp Fly Clothing
2719 NW 50th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73112

Thankful to see 32 years on earth. Reminiscing on back in the day when me and my cousin Vay used to record our radio station on the boom box with a blank tape. I remember typing out my Facebook interviews, dreaming of being in Vibe magazine. The universe continues to conspire to help me achieve even my wildest dreams.

I’m thankful for the listens. I’m thankful for the plays. I appreciate my guests coming out.

Throughout the years I’ve evolved with my creativity. I’ve always created – it’s just in me. I love it.

I don’t put timelines on my life anymore. 30 showed me that. I let that go and let God guide me.

Now I just want to enjoy today riding around LA listening to the album of the year, Nipsey Hussle. Victory Lap.

It’s not a race, it’s a marathon.

Liz Padilla grew up in a tight knit family in Kingfisher, Oklahoma. Her father set a standard of work ethic and providing for family as the eldest of 12 and the first to come to the US for more opportunities. Liz learned early on what it meant to work for the things you want out of life. The mortgage loan officer and fashion lover talks to Brandy about life in Kingfisher, experiencing racism, her favorite brands, and interracial dating. The two also unpack the process of home buying, understanding how financing can work for or against a borrower, and debunking some of the myths surrounding home ownership. From Louboutins to mortgage loans, Liz knows her stuff.

Angelica Peterson didn’t know exactly what she wanted to do after high school, but she knew that she didn’t want to be told what to do. She wanted to be her own boss. The local business owner completed certifications in cosmetology, earned her stripes as a cosmetologist in Dallas, and recently opened a physical location for the One Angelic Salon brand. Angelica wouldn’t call herself a stylist or even just a cosmetologist, she’s also helping her clients unlock their hair issues through building genuine relationships. The wife and mother talks to Brandy about her own hair journey with experiencing hair loss as early as five years old, being diagnosed with alopecia, ditching prescribed products to develop her own hair restoration regimen, and deciding to publicly shave her hair bald. The two talk about beard facials, natural skin care products, how to detect a wig, and things to come for the One Angelic brand.

On time for Thanksgiving, Brandy welcomes family back to the show. Toben and Brandy share more than three decades of memories. From 80’s babies to men, the two talk about their lives growing up between the Eastside and Edmond. Toben has evolved over the years. He talks to Brandy about trying acid as a teenager, realizing he was too caring to be a profitable drug dealer, and packing up for California unexpectedly. These days he’s working daily on his art. Though he is no stranger to a paper and pencil or canvas and paint, he’s been developing killer digital art skills through programs like Procreate on his iPad Pro. With eyes set on taking his work full time within the next year, he’s already fulfilling commission pieces and responding to requests from around the world. He’s been on a rap hiatus, but Toben has another project left in him. In the meantime, catch the freestyle he delivers live on air during this episode.

Chris the God MC just dropped what many are already calling a classic. The husband and father caught back up with Brandy and talked about what he’s been working on since his season one episode. The two dive into McCain’s latest project, ‘Now Showing’, track by track through the seven song album. From “Alpha and Omega” to “Don’t Matter”, the album samples classic films like The Five Heartbeats, Boyz in the Hood, Lean on Me, and Poetic Justice. With each track purposely placed, listening order matters and headphones are recommended. McCain talks about Oklahoma City as a late blooming city and what the future will look like for the upcoming generation. With an intent to make music that will last, the artist focuses on elevating his craft and expressing his life organically. The local rapper talks about the concept of “local rap”, citing places like Oakland and NYC and how their local rap scenes have become household names in neighborhoods around the world. ‘Now Showing’ is now streaming on Apple Music.

With more than three decades in the game, Scissorhands is not only a veteran barber, he’s become a public figure in the state. The Fade N Up business owner is from a small town – Atoka, Oklahoma, but early on his big personality set him apart. The home grown legend sits down with Brandy to revisit the moments that brought him where he is today. A well known, die hard OU Football fan and part time limo driver to visiting celebrities, Scissorhands talks about the controversial confederate flag hair cut, breaking dynamite NBA news before any of the sports journalists, his inclusive and diverse vision for his shops, leveraging your platform, and what’s on the horizon for the entrepreneur. They say waking up every day and doing something that you love means never working a day in your life. At this point, Scissorhands isn’t working, he’s living.

Born in raised in Oklahoma, the twenty eight year old husband, cook, finance professional, website builder, world traveler and political candidate is more interested in doing than discussing. After seeing the teacher walk-out end with lackluster results earlier this year, Lavelle Compton decided to do something about it. Rather than just post about what other people weren’t doing, Compton threw his hat into the ring for House District 90. Hundreds of doors later and days before mid-term elections, the State House Candidate sits down with Brandy to discuss growing up on the East Side, the campaign trail, how he learned to cook, marrying his wife, and the importance of voting. The two also dive into the conflict that almost kept this episode from happening. From apologies to encouragement, the two men sit down over glasses of brandy to have genuine discussions about self reflection, YouTube and everything in between.


Catasha Harris has a mantra – expression over repression. As a sexual empowerment coach, her aim is not to just help people have better sex. She helps individuals and couples alike to explore various forms of sexual expression through connecting with their partner, growing in their body confidence, healing from past trauma, and empowering them to be their best selves. Catasha shares pieces of her life with Brandy that have ultimately led her to become who she is today. From ragging in the halls of Star Spencer High School to commanding the stage as a stand-up comedian, she found ways to bring her natural talents to a platform to help people. At the same time, she routinely found herself being approached with the trauma, issues, and curiosities of both friends and strangers. After a while, these seemingly chance encounters turned into a calling. The two talk about the most common issue people experience sexually, kinky things people are into, the differences in how men and women approach sex, and peek into her suitcase of goodies on air.

Growing up, Gregory had always been a writer. After getting away from it, dark times compelled him to return to his childhood passion. Choosing a different route than completing a college degree, the artist moved to California to pursue a career fueled by the creative arts. Life in LA brought fast lessons in brand building, sparking the idea to fill a void in the OKC market. A self-taught YouTuber, from marketing to screen printing, Gregory saw a place for poetry in the City. Drawing inspiration from local groups, he set out to build a brand of his own – Poetry and Chill. Now a staple in the creative community, the platform routinely brings artists old, young, and in between onto the stage for crowds of people looking for a chill vibe, local art, and live music. As Poetry and Chill continues to grow, Gregory lets Brandy in on some of the newest developments the brand is pushing including afterschool workshops for kids and advocating literacy in students. With an upcoming rap project, workshops to facilitate, events to organize, and sights set on opening a school in the future, the social entrepreneur is not letting off the gas.


Rickey Vick is no stranger to the show. This time he returns with his longtime friend and now girlfriend Brooke Ashleigh. The two met as student athletes at Fresno Pacific University. Most people know Rick played ball. Brooke, however, came to the states on an athletic scholarship from London as a decorated swimmer. The dynamic couple crossed paths in school and eventually became friends, but the timing was off to become anything more. Brooke and Rick sit down with Brandy to talk about their relationship, their personal journeys, and how their connection has developed into a business. From how race is experienced abroad, to building a brand from the ground up, the conversation covers relationships, fitness, business, and self-love. Working on the grand-opening of BeYou Nutrifit, the two are providing healthy fast food along with a place for community and fitness classes.


13790 North Lincoln Boulevard
Edmond,Ok 73013

Thank you to all of my guests after 50 for coming out. I really do appreciate your time. I don’t take it for granted. Thank you for the likes and shares – especially that Coach O episode. I have always cherished our relationship.

This podcast is all about motivation for getting better. It’s to show you that you can do anything that you to put your mind to and hustle for. I thank God daily for the position He has put me in, I’m so grateful.

But with this growth, comes jealousy. Envy comes with it. It’s a Package Deal but I’m built for it and I don’t let it get to me. I know myself and I know my purpose. I will continue on my path.

Thank you again,

Creator | A Shot Of Brandy Podcast

The Anonymous Series is here to give people a voice without them having to give up their identity. It’s for the streets to tell their story, for victims to speak out, and for the underworld to be heard. The source’s voice will be disguised, but the conversations will be left unfiltered for listeners to experience. The first episode in the series went behind the scenes of the adult film industry with an actress sharing the details of how the game actually works.

Brandy talks to an adult actress about what brought her to the industry and how it really works. From where the big money is made to how racism impacts careers, the two get into details that no one usually hears about. The anonymous entertainer reveals how scenes are made, what certain shots are worth, and how to control your own content. Pinky, Kim Kardashian, Jessie James and more come up during the confidential conversation. The voice is distorted, but the story is unfiltered for a glimpse into the adult film industry.

Known throughout the state as Big O, Coach O, or the Turkey Leg Guy, Owen Wilson Jr. is no stranger to the grind. On any given week he serves Edmond Public Schools as a Behavior Consultant, leaves class for football practice as the Assistant Coach for Edmond Santa Fe, leaves practice to cut grass for his lawn care business, and spends the weekends grilling barbecue for the masses through another company he founded – Big O’s Pork and Dreams. Brandy catches up with his high school mentor as Coach O recalls stories with a common theme: love. As a husband, father, business owner, educator, and community pillar, Coach credits his continued blessings to God and the love of friends and strangers alike. From his career with the school district, to expanding his bbq business after losing two trucks, his hard work and community connections continue to create new opportunities. Hungrier than ever, Coach O isn’t letting up as he prepares for his first brick & mortar location for Big O’s Pork and Dreams.

It’s no coincidence that a man known as View is preparing for a big year in 2020. DJ View has been in the game for a decade, but a music lover most of his life. Paying homage to the hometown, Stevie Johnson uses his DJ name to remember where he’s come from. The husband, father, and professor is currently working on an album that will also serve as the dissertation for his PhD program. It tackles the experiences of black males from stereotyping to anti-blackness in their pursuits of earning a college degree. He currently heads up the Black Male Initiative program through the Office of Diversity and Inclusion at the University of Central Oklahoma. The scholar and music-head talks to Brandy about his life from being a young athlete to an academic who uses Hip Hop pedagogy to reach students and brought 9th Wonder to the inaugural Hip Hop Social Justice & Well-Being Week. As if he’s not busy enough, Stevie has his eyes set on a Hip Hop Fellowship at Harvard.

Steph Simon grew up to the sounds of police sirens, rodeos, and church organs. It’s no wonder that he raps about Holy Ghost and Hova quotes over soulful beats. The rising artist was born and raised in North Tulsa and he’s determined to return Tulsa’s narrative to the splendor of Greenwood’s Black Wall Street through entrepreneurship and group economics rather than First 48 episodes. His sound has developed over the years with projects dating back to 2015. Stepping into rap with a Southern DSR flow, over time, life, loss, and lessons have refined his sound to one that is uniquely Steph Simon’s. His latest album, Born on Black Wall Street is a coming of age journey to being happy with who he’s become. Brandy talks to the father and community leader about Diamond Dick Rowland, the racist assault at a Tulsa beauty supply, turning an old KKK sanctuary on its head, and the economics of streaming services for an upcoming or independent artist. With samples from Steph Simon’s latest work dropping throughout the episode, you’ll likely be looking for the download link before it’s over.


Cordney McClain is a father, mentor, husband, veteran, poet, contract negotiator, and author. Instilled with the principle of hard work, Cordney was motivated to make money as a young man. Rather than hoop, Cordney chose to spend as much time working as he could. After earning a bachelors and then an MBA, he joined the Army and focused on creating a career. Soon, he’d found that he’d not written for years. His outlet was missing. The passion he’d developed over the years had become more than just art, it was also therapy. Years later, the poet turned author is releasing Blacker Than Shakespeare’s Ink. The book is filled with poems and essays focused on the coming of age of a young black man.

The last time we caught up with Ciara Amir, the topic was her new business and how she’s cornered the OKC market with her signature style. This go-round, the entrepreneur is more focused than ever and manifesting her wildest dreams. Fresh off of a business trip to NYC, Ciara talks to Brandy about Illume’s expansion, becoming a Medical Micropigmentologist, adding eyebrow microblading to her repertoire, and the concept of investing in yourself. The birthday girl dishes on techniques of permanent makeup, new services she’s offering, and how the universe is conspiring in her favor as one of God’s favorites. The hard work and vision Ciara has poured into her brand over the years has blossomed into a workshop she’s developed to pour into local women, business owners, and growing beauty brands. Just when it seems like she can’t glow up any more, the Makeup Queen gives listeners a sneak peek into her upcoming projects – but first she’s off to Toronto for more training under word-class instructors.


From a young age, Morris Wynn knew that he wanted to help people. Growing up, there were times that he felt that he didn’t have someone to turn to. These times propelled him to become that someone for others. The therapist talks to Brandy about addiction’s connection to mental health, the importance of self-care, and the most prevalent mental health issues Wynn has seen in the black community over the years. Even after realizing his dream of helping others, earning two degrees, and becoming a licensed therapist, he remains his own toughest critic. Continuing to set an example for his children, he worked to develop his own private practice. From hurt people hurting people, to self-esteem issues, to social media’s effect on children and adults alike, the two cover a lot of ground showing how the topic of mental health branches out into countless areas of life.

Avery Stevenson, Jr. has been cultivating the streetball culture in OKC since the first season of The Cage in 2012. The basketball player turned business man, was born and raised on the west side of OKC, where he’d find any way to put a ball to the pavement. After seeing the Harlem Globetrotters as a kid, Avery’s dream of graduating college and playing ball full time was cemented. He didn’t just have personal hoop dreams, he also wanted to inspire other kids like himself through the sport that he loved. After 3 seasons with The Harlem Superstars, similar to the globetrotters, he’d realized that dream and came back to OKC with a vision for a community based platform that brought the AND 1 streetball culture to downtown OKC. Brandy talks to the father and husband about his life and the future of The Cage in OKC, but not without giving Avery a hard time about that buzzer beater shot that knocked his team out of the finals.

“We want to give you our heart and love on a plate.” This is Marlon’s vision for the company he co-founded a year ago. Learning his love for cooking from his grandmother, the natural born hustler will mix spices, cooking techniques, and flavors to take his clients around the world on a plate. Whether it’s risotto, or D’USSÉ honey wings, the not so secret ingredient is always love. Marlon pulls up on Brandy with a pan of hot wings and a bottle of cognac, while the two talk about his life and the journey he’s taken as an entrepreneur. Spending most of his childhood in Europe, Marlon came back to the states at 10 years old with memories of schnitzel, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the Autobahn. After some time away, Marlon has returned to OKC with propelling Sōl into the powerhouse he’s been manifesting on his mind. After a year, the business has seen large orders and hints of even bigger things to come.

Josh and Brandy link back up for Cognac Conversations Part V. The friends talk about past trauma, healing, and self-reflection. Not even six months after losing his brother, Josh talks about how he’s been processing the loss. From questioning God to moments of profound sadness, he describes fighting through the trauma and doing the work to come out better on the other side of healing. The two tackle other topics like what it means to be an authentic man, how important it is to consider why people do what they do rather than just the behavior itself, surrounding yourself with love, and operating in truth. Coming off of a Denver trip as a mentor for the Café Momentum program, Josh is entering his first year of law school at OCU. With such an influential and fast moving life, Brandy uses this episode to “check on his strong friend.” From mental wellness, to fully assessing the people in your circle, the two unpack some important gems.

Kevin Cheatham has spent his whole life looking up to his father and envisioning a marriage like his parents’. He thought he’d lost that chance as time marched on, pushing him to face his past mistakes. Turns out it was all about timing. Kevin returns to the show and Brandy talks to one of his best friends about how his past prepared him for his present. Present being twofold, meaning: right now and the gift of the love of his life. From how he almost missed out on his future wife, to how the couple manage to make time for one another in one of the busiest cities in the world, they talk past, present, and future, as Kevin prepares for forever with his fiancé.

They don’t call her boss lady for nothing. Loniesha Tempson is the other side of Oklahoma’s successful restaurant brand, Off the Hook. She is the business mind behind Chef Slawta’s culinary arts. The wife, mother, and entrepreneur shares her story with Brandy from a difficult childhood to growing a food truck into two restaurant locations. Boss Lady talks about the journey to Off the Hook – from finding a fully loaded food truck to stumbling across the fully equipped Britton location more than three years ago. From a distance it might look random, but each milestone in the Tempson family’s business development was actually planned, ordained even. Deals seemed to come out of nowhere, dreams inspired interior design, relationships helped plant the seed, and each thought Loniesha seemed to have manifested. The tenacity and fearlessness of the business woman fueled the creative talent and culinary passion of the Chef. Together, Off the Hook has become an undeniable success story. With a return to their food truck roots, the upcoming one year anniversary of the second location, Chef’s recipes and Boss Lady’s business acumen, OKC is bound to see much more from the dynamic duo

Thank you for the listens. It’s been a ride and I’ve grown so much from my guests. I thank each of them for coming out and telling their stories. My focus is inspiration. It’s all about inspiring the next person. If you haven’t noticed already, this city is growing. You can look at OKC and see even the highways are changing. Don’t get left behind thinking your old habits will get you a new outcome. I throw my own awards, I made my own podcast, I taught myself how to edit the show, I branded my own merchandise, I do whatever I want to do with my life, just as you should. The question is how bad do you want it. Even better, how much do you believe in you. Thanks again everybody.

Steve Davis and Sequoya Turner made a run for House District 99 and lost. But heir stories didn’t stop there. The two opponents turned friends have learned lessons from the journey and have begun thinking bigger than ever before. Steve is no stranger to the show, but Brandy welcomed newcomer, Sequoya Turner, to the studio to share her story alongside Davis. DHS Supervisor, turned political candidate, Sequoya was fed up with talking about reform and decided to do something about it after seeing Oklahoma’s teachers and state workers fighting for increased funding and support. The conversation covers running campaigns with integrity, the plight of Oklahoma’s classrooms, the moral dilemma of investing in private prisons, and why voting really matters. Looking at the school to prison pipeline, hopelessness beyond a child’s control, and moving outside of comfort zones, the new friends prepare to be the change, rather than settling for just discussing it.


Dex Kwasi gives insight on The Africa Hustle and his desire to create and learn new things.

Born in Dallas but of Ghanaian decent, he talks about how his upbringing in both the states and Africa helped shape his confidence, but forced a fast upbringing.

With Africa and its culture propelling the conversation, Dex and Brandy discuss the misleading perspective that Americans have of Africa and why.

Brandy reminisces about meeting Dex, as N Dex the music guy, on OSU’s campus.

Though Snoop Dogg influenced his desire to do music it was the group, originated on OSU’s campus Black Face, which afforded him the opportunity to take music more seriously.

The rapper credits his manager and friend Lyle with a lot of his amazing opportunities, from early mixtape collaborations with Scissorhands and DJ Eddie Brasco to performing at SXSW.

Graduating from college in 2015 after studying Nutrition, the rapper/producer/video editor is currently dabbling in real estate while traveling to work on his first Afro beats project.

Dex Kwasi Music
Soundcloud https://goo.gl/iaJVdz
Apple Music https://goo.gl/gfcvox

Norman Markland loves school. After earning a bachelors in kinesiology, a masters in adult and higher education and a second masters in rehabilitative counseling, this is clear. The father and lifelong learner talks to Brandy about the natural desire to be connected to something. Whether it’s a fraternity, friend group, or gang, people long for community. Norman highlights how his choice of community has impacted the trajectory of his life. He’s seen intelligent peers fall into trouble aided by the influence of the company they kept, meanwhile organizations like TRIO, Student Support Services, and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. prepared him to become one of the youngest directors of an Upward Bound program in the nation at the age of 25. Armed with his experiences of poverty, urban education, and successfully navigating academia, Norman’s developed a passion for helping students understand the importance of community and how their environments have shaped them, even subconsciously, to be who they are while empowering them to be who they’ll become.

Courtney Martin is about that action. Specifically, the type of action that builds community and fosters relationships. Born in raised in Oklahoma, her efforts towards community building have primarily focused on the Eastside of OKC. Brandy and the entrepreneur discuss topics like the role knowing black history plays in the development of a black child, tactics for taking the black community beyond its current state, and if at any point slavery became a choice. Perhaps, a better way to describe the conversation is: debate. The two rarely immediately agreed upon any one point with Courtney challenging Brandy’s viewpoints throughout the episode, ultimately holding him accountable for doing more. A recurring theme – action beyond words – Courtney lives it out. She hosts Debate Night, an installation of meet-ups where people discuss pertinent issues, organized the Paper Sack Project, a summer program that brings people together to feed the Eastside, and started the Eastside Book Fair, an effort backed by local black owned businesses that allows kids to receive books for free. Also a business owner, Courtney heads up Lash House as a licensed esthetician enhancing beauty through eyelash extensions, waxing, and tinting.


Lash House
1041 NE 36th OKC

Keilo is fresh off the plane from Bahrain – an Arabic monarchy in the Persian Gulf. The well-traveled DJ recounts his time in the island country spinning in clubs, turning out day parties, and finding local shisha. The night life there starts at 6 pm and doesn’t let up for twelve more hours with Sheiks, working girls, and a lot of money as nightly fixtures. Keilo used the time away from the states to work on his craft as he was being stretched in a new environment. Though he started as a strictly reggae DJ in Europe and then Japan, this last international stint has Keilo locked in on what’s up next. Booked through July across the US, he was on a flight to Denver just days after getting back from Bahrain – on to the next one. The two friends discuss protecting your energy, going after what you want, and staying the course even after the people you expect to don’t show love. Keilo also talks about how important it is to grow as a DJ and not become predictable. Intent on being different by being himself with projects and new ventures in development, his next move is anything but.

Lyall lived in 6 states before eighth grade, and somehow found his place in Oklahoma. The real estate broker talks to Brandy about high school hoops in OKC, developing an investment group, and finding his own path. From Northeast, to Millwood, to OCU, to OSU, Lyall chartered a course that was uniquely his. A move to Houston placed him at the right place at the right time to reconnect with an OU AKA who would later become his wife. The couple are now parents here in OKC. He talks about selflessness that stems from a place of deep devotion and intentional exclusivity for the people he cares about the most. Unbothered by the opinions, looks, or comments of others, Lyall operates under the radar allowing his successes to speak for him.

Thank you for the support, the listens, and the shares. Thank you to all my guests who came out and shared their stories with me. I’m forever grateful. With the climate we live in, shortened attention spans, and information coming from everywhere, I don’t take the support for granted.

To the black women who didn’t even know me, yet still came out and trusted me with your stories – you are all so beautiful and intelligent and I thank you.
I remember the days when they made fun of my name. Now I’m putting it in they face weekly as a brand that’s pumping knowledge, positive energy, and inspiration into the community. I’ve always been my biggest fan and it feels good to stay true to self. I’m thankful.

Thank you to Master Teacher Javonne Clark out in Durham, NC. Thank you for Bears and Bubbles. I was opened up to so many things I never realized I was capable of through your teaching. This is what it looks like when you cut all negative energy around you and focus, solely, on getting better.
I set out to do 50 episodes – with black guests, telling stories about black people, and giving people a chance to hear stories of black creativity, excellence, struggle, overcoming, and flourishing. I proved to myself I could do it, by actually doing it.

As I continue on, it’s getting harder to book guests, especially black men. Some people just won’t commit to their yes or their no. I’ll say this: if you don’t want to do something, just say no. Giving the run around or flaking out on your commitments undermines your character. If I reach out to you, it’s out of respect for something you’re doing, saying, impacting, or building. To be honest, I lost respect for some of these men, especially. I can tell the real from the fake. An obstruction is not the same as an excuse, so regardless, I’ll press on with more creativity, better ideas, and more diverse stories – holding us accountable every step of the way.

I want the best for black people, even when we don’t want it for ourselves. All around – you, me, us – let’s get better, let’s get best.
Pure. Positive. Energy. That’s what I spread and that’s what I get back. I’ve always created, so it feels good to create something that the people enjoy. I’m already creating my next creation.

Thank You, OKC.

Cody Madison owns MadFit Nutrition Club, leads MadFit Bootcamp, and helps improve his clients’ fitness and physique as a personal trainer. He credits his work ethic to his parents – especially his mother. Cory catches up with Brandy over Iron Man Tea from MadFit Nutrition and dives into his life story. From seeing his mother battle cancer for a decade without ever complaining, to growing into a family man, to cutting ties with Corporate America and starting his own business, Cory shares the moments that have taught him the most impactful lessons as a man, husband, father, and entrepreneur. He went from a D1 athlete to grunting to get off the couch to taking control of his own nutrition and fitness. Now, his family is doing the same for others. Don’t be surprised if you run into his little boy with an invitation card to the club in hand or encounter his wife making delicious shakes and teas at their location – the Madisons are all in.

Mad Fit Nutrition
2000 W Danforth Rd Suite 134

Rather than counting losses, Chris Royal has a perspective of wins and lessons. Through life’s ups and downs, he’s managed to enter a career as an engineer, become a role model, and develop lifelong friendships that look more like family. Royal talks to Brandy about growing up on the East Side, the role his parents played in his life, statewide party planning in Stillwater with The Movement Ent., breaking into his dream career, being vocal about his faith, and being a good Nupe. Lessons he’s learned from life have pushed him to persevere and flourish through hardship in a way where he’s seemed to come out better each time. Royal went from being laid off, to finding a job that paid well but didn’t like, to taking a risk on a contract job, to landing a full-time role in the engineering field he actually enjoys. As much hard work and mental strength it took to get here, he still has his eyes set on the ultimate goal of establishing his own engineering firm.

Taylor Made was always into capturing moments. Throughout two tours in Iraq and Kuwait, the army veteran worked on video projects, music videos, and photography in his free time. After dabbling in the music industry as a rapper, Taylor found his niche in videography. From Germany, to Florida, and finally to Oklahoma with a few stops in between, he’s seen a lot. The creative talks to Brandy about coming up in different environments, interracial dating, falling in love with Hip Hop, and consuming media to push his expertise. With influences from Hype Williams to Spike Lee to local film makers, Taylor finds his creativity feeds off being a student of the industry. He’s determined to never reach his pinnacle. The goal is to always be growing and learning. As crisp as the visuals he’s producing are, it’s really only the beginning.


Jeremy Spencer catches up with Brandy to reminisce on old times and talk about some of the pivotal moments of his life. The two best friends laugh about how Spence came to Santa Fe ready to take over and Brandy wasn’t having it. They talk about some of everything like flour and water as a substitute for Sta-Flo, growing up with more than 30 cousins who are more like siblings, being a father, and memories that have made their friendship what is it is today. Spence has experienced both great loss and deep love – a balance that has shaped his outlook on family, manhood, and God. He describes how his own life growing up has motivated him as he’s become a father himself. You can almost hear Spence’s voice light up as he describes his children and the joy he experiences in fatherhood. It’s no surprise that with his dedication to family, he’d coin the term “Morgan Family Values.” Now with a life of its own, you’re bound to see the phrase as you encounter any one of the Morgans. They’re not saying their family is better than others just that other families are, in no way, better than theirs. As far as Spence is concerned, it’s #MorganFamilyValues for life.

Houston is home to SoufWessDes. He’s from the side of town you might have already guessed – the South West. The rapper, known for his high energy and comedic personality, drops by the studio to talk with Brandy about a little bit of everything. The two cover his life coming up in the fast lane where Des saw dope boys, dead bodies, and millions of dollars laid across tables. As a student athlete, his family saw a different life for him and encouraged him to choose another path. From a small college miles away from the city, to the University of Oklahoma, Des has journeyed through leaving the big city behind, facing the loss of a loved one, transitioning to a large university with little preparation, pledging Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., and earning his Bachelor’s degree with an emphasis in socio-culture. Des is an intelligent, street smart artist who knows that hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. As solid as his work ethic is, the artist only started rapping two years ago and is already doing shows and tours across the country – proof that the talent is there. Brandy dubs SoufWessDes the hottest rapper in OKC right now. With a catalogue three tapes long and the new single, ‘Tap In’, dropping soon, you’ll have to see for yourself.

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Two years ago, Christyle Taylor started her own business, By The Nail, LLC. She depleted her savings and used the money to bet on herself. As owner and licensed nail technician, Christyle has surrounded herself with entrepreneurial and ambitious people who continue to push her to take risks. The business woman, wife, mother, and grandmother sits down with Brandy to talk about starting her company and preparing for the next step of leaving corporate America altogether. The two also discuss body image, the #MeToo movement, the power of words, and raising black sons in today’s world. Of course, Brandy couldn’t have Dre in the studio without hearing from him, so Mr. & Mrs. Taylor tag team this episode for a little bit. From self-love, to manifestation, to maintaining a genuinely good marriage, the discussion naturally flows with game on multiple levels


Veronica owns and operates The Prestigious Hair Company and is no stranger to the show. She returns as Brandy catches up with her to talk about her business in light of recent events. The store continues to see increasing amounts of business and criminals have taken notice by robbing the location, holding Veronica’s mother at gunpoint in the process. Even with the loss of thousands of dollars in merchandise and petty cash, there has been no shortage of customers and the entrepreneur is already making moves towards the international expansion of her brand. The physical robbery hasn’t been the only nuisance the store has faced, as Veronica describes theft of a different nature from another local store that she notices has a penchant for making similar moves as her brand as she continues to expand her services and marketing practices. Nonetheless, Veronica maintains that the show must go on – and it is.


Brandy and Josh link up again to discuss the state of the culture. Learned behavior, insecurities, imbalances, and lack of leadership are all interconnected as the two friends explore where things have gone wrong for so many young black people in dating, finances, being comfortable with yourself, and healing from past experiences. They don’t claim to know all the answers or solutions, but have found that continual evaluation of self and allowing yourself to be held accountable are required for a person to begin to find their own path to figuring out who they are and learning to appreciate that person. Josh opens up about considering counseling in light of what he learned from one of Jay-Z’s most vulnerable interviews. Brandy encourages people to ask themselves, “why?” to better understand who they are and what motivates them. Together, the friends unpack what it looks like to be honest with yourself and the people around you as you continue level up.

There aren’t many twenty somethings rushing to settle down, but at 22, Kevin Blackmon knew he’d found the one. An athletic kid from the Northside, the father and husband didn’t have many opportunities to experience stability. However, he locked into basketball and went on to become a first generation college graduate. Kevin credits his experiences growing up with how he knew what he wanted for his life early on. He had a vision of the type of father he wanted be, the way he wanted to treat his wife, and how he would use an invaluable currency to positively impact his family – time. Kevin talks life lessons, how friends can influence a relationship, valuing your significant other, and setting a positive example. Brandy visits with his old teammate to understand how Kevin figured some of this stuff out so early in an environment that could’ve taken him in a different direction.

With influences from Curren$y and Leonardo DiCaprio, he’s a rapper, photographer, actor, and brand developer. Overall, Grand National is an artist with range. As a kid, he always knew he had the vision. Grand’s love for the East side and retro musings are well known, but he didn’t even plan on being a rapper. Once dots started to connect like having dreams of performing shows, free styling with friends in high school, routinely ending up in a recording studio, and a defining moment in New York’s Times Square, he knew it was time to take the craft seriously. Nowadays, he’s working on projects to drop this year, capturing moments on film with a camera from the 1970’s, and preparing to relocate to Long Beach, California with his team. Even though he recorded more than 100 songs last year, you can sort of tell the artist is just getting started. In fact, by the time his next project drops Grand will likely be on a beach somewhere in Cali already on the next wave.


In a world where lenses cost more than the camera, late nights and no days off are routine, and love and dedication are a requirement, Jay Rid has done more than make a name. He’s found a purpose. The director is a self-taught visionary, husband, and father from Spencer. Brandy catches up with the fellow creative and learns more about his background and how Jay got to where he is now. His brand and quality of work is so well known that most people call him VideoHero even though he didn’t mean for that to be his name. Whether it’s a web series, documentary, short film, events, weddings, or videos, he’s worked with a majority of the previous guests. He talks about some of the greats that he studies like Hype Williams and Ryan Coogler. Now, he’s moving towards working with interns and understudies of his own. The City might not always value its own talent, but all Jay asks is that you respect the shooter.


Kevin Jones and Brandy swap stories of manifestation and focusing their energy. Since his first time on the show, the podcast has come in-house with Brandy developing the sound, editing, and producing everything on his own. Kevin had a hand in this change through a divine moment of intervention where he genuinely asked, “Why aren’t you doing this yourself?” That’s the type of man he has grown to be over time – a seeker of knowledge and student of life who often asks questions for the sole purpose of learning or manifesting. The two discuss meditation, vegetarianism, alignment, and preserving our energy. Kevin has seen hardships, of course, but he chooses to view them in a way that positively fuels his present and future self. From yoga to the stock market, Kevin encourages others to find their own light, their own niche, to find fulfillment in life while fully engaging in the process to get there because in reality, the destination is the journey.

Once you get tired enough of a situation, most people do something about it. De’Iona Monay got tired, did something about it, and then started a business from what she learned. The author, speaker, and credit repair specialist talks to Brandy about her life, entrepreneurship, and the importance of understanding credit. Growing up in a household of entrepreneurs, she knew the formula most kids are conditioned to follow was not for her. Graduating high school, going to college, getting a “good” job, and repaying student loans was not the life she wanted. Instead, she carved a path for herself studying credit repair and sharpening her craft for more than a year while applying strategies she’d learned from previous projects as she built her own business. De’Iona is honest about hardships she faced while building her brand, but it was those adversities that led her to where she is now. As her own boss, she helps people repair their credit and coaches them on the decisions that got them there in the first place in order to prevent them from repeating the cycle. With business booming, an e-book published, and tax season in full swing, the credit coach drops valuable knowledge for a lot of people.  


Imagine meeting your husband or wife at 14 years old, only to realize more than a decade later that you’ve been knowing your forever valentine the whole time. That’s only a snippet of Caris and Leon’s love story. The two may have different versions of their Star Skate date back in the day, but they can both agree on how well they balance one another as husband and wife. The couple open up to Brandy about what attracted them to one another, how they’ve developed a fun and fresh marriage, and advice they’d give on preparing for a union. The two also give their take on taboo topics like whether you should live together before marriage, cooking for a man who’s not your husband, and if women should listen (or submit) to the man they’re dating. From details on wedding budgets to the practical ways the two continue to remind each other of their love and appreciation, there are too many gems to miss in this episode of A Shot of Brandy Podcast. Speaking of gems, listen for the proposal story that plays on the engagement ring perfectly.

Brandy captures the stories of his barber and friend of more than twenty years. Tony Porter has been cutting hair since the 80’s. But back when trimmers weren’t a thing and getting a pass to make house calls in gang territory for cuts wasn’t unusual, Tony wasn’t thinking of making a career of his craft. In fact, his journey just about took him to R&B stardom when his group, Xtra, gained local notoriety and landed a deal with a Jive Records affiliated label after an encounter with the 90’s group, Hi-Five. Growing up with his Grandmother, who didn’t play, getting his first pair of clippers, and stirring up heated discussions on Facebook are just a few of the many memories of the well known figure.

He grew up in a big family where he was the oldest boy, second only to his sister. Javvero Baker grew up competitive, not content to be second in any other arena. There were times where he was the smallest, laughed at, or had to prove himself, but what he lacked in size, he made up for in heart. Even after a growth spurt, his heart and competitive nature stuck around. After a conversation with his father, Javvero turned his sights to becoming a fire fighter. His father, a 28 year Oklahoma City fire fighter, didn’t put any pressure on him, but shared just enough insight to give him the push he needed to get started. Javvero sits down with Brandy to talk about the day in the life of a fire fighter, advice for those aspiring to joint the fire department, and the initiative to hire black fire fighters.

His love for fashion and dancehall can be traced back to Jamaica. However, Brian Clarke’s home also impacted him in a way that can be seen in the name and imagery of the firm he opened after completing law school. He faced leaving home for college, took on law school, and tackled the bar exam without the guided mentorship of anyone to show him the way. Now focused on family and expanding his portfolio, Brian is in a position to be a mentor for others. The attorney describes to Brandy what it was like immigrating to America, becoming a father, traveling the world, and settling in Oklahoma. His Jamaican roots, New York beginning, and love for Oklahoma make for an intriguing story of perseverance and triumph with just enough sauce to set him apart from most other attorneys.

A self-proclaimed country dude from Hugo, Oklahoma is more known as one of the pioneers to propel Oklahoma rap to the national scene. Chop Chop was far from dumb, and even as a straight A student-athlete and later a Presidential Trap House star, he was in the streets. Even still, when other artists were too out of it from the night before, Chop was in sessions at conferences across the country soaking up game. The local legend gives Brandy his memories of ascending to stardom, the journey to having nothing to show for it, and experiencing the mental shift that allowed him to bounce back better than ever before. On the other side of the game, the rapper remains a student of the culture. Now a father and businessman, he talks about real estate ventures and launching an apparel brand. Who knows, Chop might even get back into the rap game – just for sport, of course.

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StateGang Vince catches up with Brandy and gives him a look into his background. Spending most of his childhood coming up in Lawton, Vince has seen and experienced a lot. He tells Brandy about old friendships, losing loved ones, and the coach that changed his life. Basketball was his first passion, but along the way Vince developed a love and talent for rap. He might not have known exactly what he was getting into, but starting off, he was opening shows for Devin The Dude, Plies, and headlining shows of his own. Being new to the artist side of the industry, Vince says he probably wouldn’t have made his first tape if people weren’t asking him for it. Now in his own groove, Vince announces a new website and single with more to come from the artist.


JT came to Oklahoma by way of California. The identical twin joined his brother at UCO and immediately started making a statement. These days, JT is the designer/owner of the GIVIN Brand, inspired in OKC and made in LA. He sits down with Brandy to talk about what gave him his fearlessness, style, and ability to connect with people. Every time, he credits his Dad. Fashion runs deep in the Tryon family and JT is pushing that legacy. He describes not being afraid to fail, how he defines success, and how he’s not ready to take any breaks. You could say that JT is on his way to even greater things, but that’s a GIVIN.