EP123: DJ Eddie Brasco

This week’s episode features the legendary DJ Eddie Brasco. If you are from Oklahoma City and are of a certain age, then most likely, Eddie Brasco is a familiar name. He paved the way for DJs and radio hosts in Oklahoma City as one of the most popular on-air talents at Power Jamming 1140 and Power 103.5. In this show, Eddie Brasco takes us on a journey as he discusses growing up in Lawton, Oklahoma, and living in Germany during his youth. He shares that he fell in love with hip hop after hearing Aint No Half Steppin’ by Big Daddy Kane. As his passion for hip hop grew, it became evident that he wanted to contribute to the culture by becoming a DJ and later establishing a career in radio. Eddie provides insights into his career and chronicles how he went from an intern to part-time radio host to Music Director in 6 short months. He also drops an exclusive in this interview by divulging for the first time publicly why he parted ways with Perry Broadcasting. Today, Eddie is djing weekly in OKC, hosting events, and is a business owner as well. He is also one of the hosts of a popular podcast called The Chop Shop and details how the podcast came about. Brandy and Eddie converse on a variety of topics such as hip hop in the nineties, interviewing Master P in his prime, and more. Eddie also gives his thoughts on the new “laptop DJ” era. He made it clear that Brandy cannot call himself a DJ until he learns to scratch! Eddie shares his knowledge and gives priceless words of wisdom by encouraging the listeners to perform at a high level of excellence at whatever you do. Brandy grew up listening to DJ Eddie Brasco and is honored to have him on the show. He is a pioneer in the game but also has a genuine desire to see others succeed. His work ethic and drive is unmatched as he continues to be a pillar of the OKC hip hop community. This episode is definitely one you do not want to miss.

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