Episode 142 is guaranteed to be a classic. It was recorded live in Tulsa’s Greenwood District and features the Flavor King himself, Keeng Cut. Keeng Cut is a rapper, singer, business owner and is no stranger to the show.  He chats with Brandy on a variety of topics such as the evolution of his career, family life, and the profound impact that Tulsa artists have within the hip hop community.

Keeng Cut proudly hails from North Tulsa and shares his experiences growing up. He was drawn to hip hop at an early age and began rapping in middle school. By high school, he and his friends were dropping mixtapes and he continued to pursue music post-graduation. He moved to Atlanta where he wrote and produced for R&B acts. He later performed and released them himself.  He shares how World Culture Music was formed, which is a collective of hip-hop artists in Tulsa “enhancing the community through hip-hop music, culture and education.” World Culture Music also defines Keeng Cut’s sound as an artist; versatile and influenced by his experiences in the world. This episode reflects Keeng Cut’s personality; flexible, welcoming and well-rounded. He provides insights on how the hip hop community in Tulsa has grown tremendously and the undeniable impact it is sure to make once Fire in Little Africa is released. He also breaks down Tulsa history and gives the listeners his thoughts on the recent events in Tulsa that garnered national media attention. Showing his resourcefulness; he also lets us know how to pick out the perfect pineapple and his inspiration behind the song Fiesta on Jensen Drive Got the Best Pineapples in Houston.

Keeng Cut is a phenomenal writer, rapper and singer. He has the ability to change his style and cadence while still keeping the music filled with flavor. In 2020 he released a series of projects; The Flavorpiece -which sounds trap inspired and is upbeat, Snackin with Flavor- smooth EP with a Houston flare and a food theme and Flavor Athletics- which is motivational and perfect for your morning workout playlist. Whether rapping or singing, Keeng Cut sets the bar for his unique artistry. He has clever wordplay and ear grabbing melodies that lure you in and will surely make you want to press repeat. His voice effortlessly glides over any beat and his bars are extremely witty. He shares his writing process and reveals that he freestyles and obtains ideas for songs while in the car. His creativity and versatility is unmatched. Keeng Cut is a true gem and ambassador for Tulsa. Be on the lookout for his new projects and check out Keeng Cut’s music which is available on all streaming platforms.

Songs Featured in episode:

0:00 Cuttin’ Up -Keeng Cut

1:45- Progressing- Keeng Cut

44:08- 2U

51:23- Fried Salmon with Veggie Pasta

58:04- Fiesta on Jensen Drive Got the Best Pineapples in Houston

1:21:17- Tulsa Food Trucks

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