EP144: The Return Of Demarco Robinson

Demarco Robinson was the first guest recorded in Creators Create Studio in episode 121. In today’s episode, he returns to chat with Brandy on how his life has changed and how his business has increased since appearing on the show five short months ago. He shares with Brandy on how contracting the Coronavirus affected him and his family. Demarco did not let this obstacle deter him and he was determined to create opportunity through tragedy. He used the minor setback as fuel to propel forward and has since launched several other business ventures. He discussed how his card game Trap Spelling Bee came about in his first episode. Now he has had over 1000 online orders and the game has gone viral three times. The success of Trap Spelling Bee has led to spin-off games including Trapcronym and Sing Song Sing Along. Demarco is a prominent businessman who single handedly runs his gaming company as well as his graphic design business. While he has garnered success as a business owner, he prides himself on being a family man as well. He discloses the importance of leaving behind a legacy for his children as well as instilling values such as work ethic and self-motivation. In order to ensure that his children are financially set in the future, he has helped them establish their own brands as well. His son’s book and short film will both be available soon. He also launched a boutique for his newborn daughter. He goes into detail on how the boutique came about and how he hopes to lay a firm foundation for both children. Demarco is a marketing genius who is taking the gaming industry by storm. He contributes his authenticity and sheer tenacity as the driving forces to facilitate his goals. This episode contains many gems that can assist anyone who wants to start their own business. He gives advice on how to market your business and the capital required to advertise via social media. Demarco has a strong presence in the black community in Oklahoma City and he is on his way to making an impact globally. He is a true testament that fortitude, the strong desire to succeed, and pure hard work will always pay off. We wish him congrats on his new blessing- his daughter Riah Renee Robinson was born on July 28, 2020. We know that it is only upward and onward for your family and business.



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