EP189: The Return Of Apollo Woods

The narrative that there is “nothing for Black professionals to do in Oklahoma City” has been prevalent for many years. This week’s guest has been striving to change that and is doing a wonderful job! Episode 189 features the return of Apollo Woods; founder of OKC Black Eats. It was recorded live at the Sunday Social Brunch held at Parlor Okc. When Apollo first appeared in episode 122, he explained that his mission is two-fold. He not only wants to highlight black-owned restaurants; but also aspires to provide a place where Black professionals can enjoy themselves and network at classy events. His vision came to life because the Social Brunch is THE place to be on Sundays with great food, good music, drink specials, and a dope ambiance. Apollo shares how Black Eats Enterprises plans to expand to other cities and next up is Tulsa Black Eats. Apollo and Brandy have an intelligent conversation and discuss a variety of topics including how he deals with backlash, his vision, and his future business plans. Besides cultivating awesome events; Apollo also has made an extreme impact in the Black community. He states “It’s bigger than food” and his goal is to put other Black professionals in a position of power also. He shares how the pandemic affected Black-owned businesses during the pandemic and how he helped with unfaltering support. Apollo has a keen sense of business acumen and a sincere desire to make positive changes for the community. If you are looking for a fun brunch to attend; definitely check out the Social Brunch at Parlor Okc. For more information and other upcoming events, follow on Instagram @okcblackeats and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/OKCBLACKEATS.

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