Jeremy Spencer catches up with Brandy to reminisce on old times and talk about some of the pivotal moments of his life. The two best friends laugh about how Spence came to Santa Fe ready to take over and Brandy wasn’t having it. They talk about some of everything like flour and water as a substitute for Sta-Flo, growing up with more than 30 cousins who are more like siblings, being a father, and memories that have made their friendship what is it is today. Spence has experienced both great loss and deep love – a balance that has shaped his outlook on family, manhood, and God. He describes how his own life growing up has motivated him as he’s become a father himself. You can almost hear Spence’s voice light up as he describes his children and the joy he experiences in fatherhood. It’s no surprise that with his dedication to family, he’d coin the term “Morgan Family Values.” Now with a life of its own, you’re bound to see the phrase as you encounter any one of the Morgans. They’re not saying their family is better than others just that other families are, in no way, better than theirs. As far as Spence is concerned, it’s #MorganFamilyValues for life.

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