Cody Madison owns MadFit Nutrition Club, leads MadFit Bootcamp, and helps improve his clients’ fitness and physique as a personal trainer. He credits his work ethic to his parents – especially his mother. Cory catches up with Brandy over Iron Man Tea from MadFit Nutrition and dives into his life story. From seeing his mother battle cancer for a decade without ever complaining, to growing into a family man, to cutting ties with Corporate America and starting his own business, Cory shares the moments that have taught him the most impactful lessons as a man, husband, father, and entrepreneur. He went from a D1 athlete to grunting to get off the couch to taking control of his own nutrition and fitness. Now, his family is doing the same for others. Don’t be surprised if you run into his little boy with an invitation card to the club in hand or encounter his wife making delicious shakes and teas at their location – the Madisons are all in.

Mad Fit Nutrition
2000 W Danforth Rd Suite 134

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