In 2019, it seems as if rap has become an individual sport and rap groups have somewhat become a thing of the past. The Correlation hopes to change this as four solo artists (Yung Jones, Broox, State Gang Vince and Xavier Martin) joined forces. In this episode, The Correlation stops by fresh off the release of their self-titled EP in which each rapper contributes their own unique vibe to each song. The guys candidly discuss the EP track by track. They break down the writing process, how the verses are split up, inspiration, and how the project was developed. Their chemistry is evident as the group fed off of each other’s energy to create a classic. The four song EP has something all hip hop lovers can enjoy- clever verses over fire beats coupled with storytelling that identifies with the streets. However, there is one track specifically for the ladies with a timeless Tony! Toni! Tone! sample. The Correlation EP will definitely leave you wanting to hear more. The group also shares their future individual projects, goals for The Correlation, and how they plan on contributing to putting OKC on the map.

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