EP88: The Return Of Chef Slawta

Recorded live from Off the Hook’s South Location, Chef Slawta returns to the podcast. In this episode Chef Slawta cooks up an insightful conversation with Brandy regarding what is next for the restaurant and his business as he expands his brand. While the conversation remains lighthearted; the chef and entrepreneur candidly discuss challenges of being a black owned business and how he handles the adversity that comes with success. He further goes into detail about the evolution of his empire; from starting with the food truck to currently owning 2 locations while launching new business ventures. Chef Slawta has plans to further flourish by capitalizing on the legalization of marijuana in Oklahoma by launching Dope Foods Edible Company. As Chef Slawta continues to hone his craft; he continues to excel to higher heights within the food industry and is sure to go far.

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