Ziggie Oleru is known by many names, but somehow still manages to fly under the radar as a member of OKC’s business and hip hop communities. Zig stops by the show and talks to Brandy about growing up in what often felt like different worlds all at once. With a Nigerian father who’d immigrated to the states in the 80s and an African American mother with roots on the Eastside of OKC, her upbringing ranged from Catholic school to Casper Drive and best friends from all over the world. By the time she made it to Northeast, Ziggie was focused on college and welcomed being in a new environment. The Senior Contract Specialist and Project Management Professional is now a graduate student pursuing a Masters in Business Analytics. The two discuss the basics of what a business analyst does – and doesn’t do – while exploring practical problem solving tactics anybody can use. As she was advancing in Corporate America, Ziggie ran a creative consulting firm, Bellevue Biz, and serves as the Business Manager on the EAT team supporting Zie (Episode 25). With no shortage of creativity and business savvy, Ziggie shares how she’s navigated academic, corporate, creative, and hood spaces with ease. The episode rounds out with a trip to Nigeria and lessons learned from Ziggie’s village and extended family.

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