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< a href=””>< a href=””>< a href=””>< a href=””>< a href=””>< a href=””>Pain is the best Music. A Classic

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s Art changed my Life. Same age Same situation. 2/13/09

Happy 30th Sandra Bland and sorry about this cruel world we live in.

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ked Up My New Dog 3 hours away. American Bully I’m so happy with him. This was his first day ever out the house. He’s such a good boy 🐶:38 AMideo ]

Love 12/20/16NYC to LA in a Month .. Life’s moving fast.


For 30 Ballons still lasting 3 weeks old!


“” width=”1080″>It’s good to see my cousin grow into in a man of his own. Last night I pulled up on him after he got off and we just rode around LA. Blew my last 2 with him talking about More Life. I’m glad I got up and did that because you never know.. you just never know. 12/5/16
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