My 30 for 30 movie is one of my greatest curations.


As a creative, I knew for my 30th birthday I wanted to produce something special. I worked with my cousin Terrell for a year in order
to capture the footage. I set out to document my journey to manhood in  a 30 for 30 style documentary. It chronicled my entire
life from elementary to college and to adulthood. The film was interview-based and I was able to express   myself freely.
I did not care about being ridiculed   or judged; I wanted to be   forthcoming because ultimately,           I am who I am.
My goal was to not only highlight my achievements but to recognize my growth that stemmed from adversity.
The hardships I endured made me   the man I am today. I openly shared my truth and bared my soul for the world to see.
I went into depth regarding my success in high school as I lead my team as the captain to win the basketball championship.
I also was honest about past relationships and the impact it had   on my life. I took accountability for mistakes
I made and shared how disappointments fueled me to strive for greater success. Creating the film forced me to be
retrospective and analyze all of the events that lead up to turning 30. It not only showed my progression but also my
strong desire to keep pushing and creating classics. The 30 for 30 documentary was a pinnacle    stepping stone for me as a
creator. I stepped out of the box in order to execute my vision and the end result was a masterpiece.



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