EP101: The Return Of DR. Johnson

In this week’s episode, Brandy kicks off the Texas edition of the podcast with special guest Stevie Johnson. He has been busy since his last appearance on the show.  The producer, dj, scholar and community activist can now add doctor as one of his titles. He received his Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration from the University of Oklahoma in May 2019.  Dr. View discusses how he fused higher academia with hip hop culture to create “Curriculum of the Mind”; a 25 track album to defend his 250 page dissertation. The album is a project by The Space Program, a dual record label and nonprofit organization of which Dr. View is the CEO.  “Curriculum of the Mind’ vividly illustrates the struggles and anti-black experiences African American males endure while attending predominately white institutions. The album exemplifies the college experience from a black male’s perspective. It also speaks of other issues within the community such as poverty, racism, and the battle with self. Dr. View explains that it was a collective effort by the rappers and spoken word artists who aided to bring the project and visuals to life. He also details how he prepared to defend his dissertation.  He outlines how he was able to wear multiple hats of researcher, producer and manager in order to successfully execute his vision. Dr. View also shares with Brandy his future plans now that he has received his doctorate as well as goals for The Space Program.The album is not an educational rap project but a true hip hop album. It is a brilliant body of music with poignant imagery, amazing production and powerful lyrics that articulate the hardships black men in college face and how they can overcome.

Curriculum of The Mind tracks featured on the podcast:

0:00-Running For My Life (feat. Jacobi Ryan, Beety, & Original Flow) (Produced by Dr. View)

13:07- The Time Has Come (feat. Beety & Original Flow) (Produced by Dr. View)

16:14- Me Against the World (feat. Willie G, Beety, & Jacobi Ryan) (Produced by Dr. View)

28:29- Colored People Time (feat. MAC Woods) (Produced by Dr. View)

35:04- I’m Coming Home (feat. Day’Quann Ervin) (Composed by Am’re Ford)

38:33-  So Independent (feat. Jacobi Ryan, Beety & Deezy) (Produced by Dr. View)

66:18 Polaroids (feat. MAC Woods, Jacobi Ryan, Willie G, Deezy & Thomas Who) (Produced by Dr. View)


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