EP106: The Return Of The Taylors

This week, Brandy’s friends Dre and Christyle Taylor stop by for a lively discussion on the podcast. Both were on previous episode’s individually but in this episode they join forces for a candid talk on a variety of topics including marriage, raising kids, entrepreneurship; and building their own brands. The couple was in Dallas celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary and openly share what makes their marriage work. In today’s society, many feel pressured to be “relationship goals” especially due to the rise of social media. However, Dre and Christyle explain that marriage is hard work and they have to choose each other daily. While their marriage is super important, they also feel that maintaining their own individuality is equally important. They discuss how they inspire and motivate one another to keep propelling forward. They are honest about being non-conventional and doing what works best for them and their happiness. Both make it clear that they are living life by their own rules and working together to make their dreams a reality. They also give the listeners a deeper insight on stepping out on faith in order to start your own business. While the couple reiterates that they do not want to be deemed as “goals”- indeed they are just that…goals! They are both successful in their own right but still have a happy and healthy marriage. This episode illustrates what it is like when two bosses come together and succeed in elevating each other to their highest potential.

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