This week’s guest is the man, the myth, the legend, the infamous Brandy Mayes aka B. Mayes. In honor of his birthday, Brandy is interviewed by his friend and past guest, Christyle Taylor.

Brandy was born  and raised in Oklahoma City.  He grew up on the north side; Western Village to be exact. He attended Edmond schools from kindergarten through 12 grade. However, most of his weekends growing up were spent on the Eastside at his grandmother’s house. Brandy discusses his upbringing and the obstacles he overcame that made him the man he is today. He graduated from Edmond Santa Fe and reveals the ups and downs he experienced while playing basketball. He made sure to tell us that he was the only team captain to win a state championship. He was the only team captainto leave with a ring.

Brandy shares how he overcomes adversity and stays loyal to himself. He details how he stepped into his Alpha manhood and continues to emerge from the dirt without a stain on his shirt. Sharing the same birthday as Jay Z; it’s no wonder that he has a creative mind and entrepreneurial spirit. He is a natural curator and has been cultivating his brand since 2008. Past curations include Top Down in the Winter 1-7,  his 30 For 30 movie chronicling his life and B Mayes TV.

This is a no-holds barred interview, and many racy topics are discussed. Brandy gets introspective and openly shares his truth. All in all, Brandy is a complex man with infectious energy. Despite any challenges he faces; he remains ten toes down. He always stays positive and rises to every occasion with renewed vigor. His goal is to continue to progress and to continue to be the voice of the people. Brandy genuinely cares about the community advancing as a whole as well. He also discusses how his podcast came about and how he manifested opening his own podcast studio. Brandy has big plans for 2020 and has a strong desire to succeed. Prolific…so gifted. This episode is very therapeutic as Brandy shares the dark times and the positive.

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