In the song Watch Me Make It, Deezy emphatically proclaims “I’m just trying to taste greatness so tell them this is history in the making, now watch me make it.” In episode 135, Deezy chats with Brandy regarding how he entered the rap game and his road to greatness thus far. Deezy was born in Chicago, IL then moved to New Orleans, LA as a young child. He spent his formative years growing up in Dallas, TX. There he began to develop his craft by free styling to instrumentals and performing at open mic nights. He shares how moving to Oklahoma City at the age of 19 was difficult but it helped to propel his rap career to new heights. Deezy received his degree in music production from the Academy of Contemporary Music in 2013. He vividly recounts the highs and lows he has encountered as a rap artist. From having radio success with his singles Ways and Throw It Down, to being robbed and stepping away from music; Deezy has tenaciously overcome all obstacles. He gives precise details on his return to rap and insights on his experiences working with Dr. View. Deezy is featured on Dr. View’s Curriculum of the Mind dissertation project. He also participated in the Fire In Little Africa project in Tulsa. Deezy is a talented lyricist with a flow that has raw grit coupled with clever wordplay. He has the intrinsic ability to diversify not only his flow, but his lyrical content as well. Whether he is rapping about getting to the money or being deeply introspective; he connects to listeners by being engaging yet transparent. Deezy also takes pride in his creativity as an artist and conveys how he incorporates visuals and production in his live stage performances. It is important to him to illustrate creativity beyond the lyrics and he uses his creativity and commanding stage presence to captivate audiences. His talent has granted him the opportunity to open for artists such as  Lil Jon, Fredo Bang, and Benny the Butcher. In February 2020, he released his Ep entitled Aporia which is a visual album. In philosophy aporia is a puzzle but the literal definition is “the expression of doubt”.  The compelling storyline of Aporia takes viewers on a journey of discovery as Deezy expresses his doubts in the puzzle of life.  Deezy has new music coming out soon so be on the lookout for his future projects. In the meantime, you can check out the Aporia project on all streaming platforms or in the link below. Deezy is an amazing artist who deserves our support; he is definitely up next!

Songs featured in this episode:
0:00 On My Own – Oso Cinco ft. Deezy
57:45 Waves – Deezy

Aporia Visual EP:

IG: @Deezy_m3rd

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