Dallas rapper Mo3 belts out “it’s been a long time coming” over a beautiful yet daunting piano melody and trap drums. The track that stemmed from an organic freestyle session was produced by this week’s guest; Rob Stovall. In this episode, Rob provides the intricate details on how the clip became viral as well as how his tenacious drive and determination have garnered his success.

Rob is from Oklahoma City and is steadily putting Okc on the map. He has produced tracks for major artists including Mo3, Boosie, T-Rell, Nelly, Waka Flocka, Sauce Walka, Young Chop, and many others. He chats with Brandy regarding how he got started in the music industry.  As a rapper, Rob became frustrated with being unable to find instrumentals that were up to par. He took matters into his own hands and started making beats. He is self-taught in piano and musically inclined. He has experience with music theory, composition, and audio engineering as well. Rob explains that his additional skills are what helps set him apart as a producer; he brings more than just producing to the table. Rob is a phenomenal producer whose sound is reminiscent of a blend of the early 2000s and trap beats infused with melodic piano rifts and cross-rhythms. He credits Timbaland and 40 as his favorite producers. He prides himself on being innovative with his sound which results in fervid breathtaking production. 

Rob and Brandy chat on a variety of topics including how it felt to sell his first beat, how social media has changed the music industry, and the rise of his career. A common theme in the episode is pure hunger. Rob shares that he did whatever it took to get his music heard in front of the right people. He details the chance encounter of meeting Mo3 and waiting for a total of four hours before his music was played and over a year for his first placement.  Rob vividly recants how his passion and unwavering desire to succeed has paid off in manifesting his destiny. We are rooting for him as he chases that number 1 hit and as Mo3 stated, “it’s been a  long time coming” but also well deserved.
To check out Rob Stovall’s music and beats for lease please visit Yxngstov.com
Instagram: @RobStovall
Facebook: Rob Stovall Music

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