While she may be petite in stature, this week’s guest Hot Sauce is a
heavyweight on the mic. Hot Sauce is a talented rapper that hails from
Witchita, Kansas, and proudly represents the 316. Brandy and Hot Sauce
have an in-depth conversation regarding her upbringing and how she
draws from her life experiences to turn her pain into art. Coming from
a musical family, Hot Sauce began writing at an early age. She shares
how she gained the confidence to rap and fully chase her musical
goals. Her lyrical content explores many topics including complex
family dynamics, relationships, and traumatic experiences from her
past. She vividly expresses her raw emotions and bares it all on the
track using clever wordplay and a charismatic flow. Today, music put
out by female rappers often lacks substance. Hot Sauce brings real
lyricism and authenticity to the game. Her courage to share her art is
admirable and impressive. Be on the lookout for her new album dropping
August 25th entitled  D.A.W.G. (Down Ass Witchita Gangstas). Please
remember the name Hot Sauce because she is definitely up next!

Songs featured in this episode:
0:00 What You Smokin’
19:10 Bubbie Day
26:04 Is It Bad
33:20 Trust Issues
43:00 Freestyle

Instagram: @316hotsauce

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