Episode 150 is a classic episode with an Empire State of mind. It was recorded live in Brooklyn, NY and features Brandy’s best friend; Kevin Cheatham. Kevin is no stranger to the show as this is his fourth appearance. The two reflect over their growth over the years and how their dreams are now coming to fruition. Kevin chats about NYC living and how he coped with being in the epicenter of the pandemic. He also sharesthe difficulties of being away from family and how he maintains his relationship amid Covid-19. In this episode, you have the privilege to listen to two close friends catching up. While distance may separate them, the two remain tight and have a close bond. This episode is introspective as the two discuss politics, racial inequality and work life balance. Brandy expresses his appreciation and is truly grateful for Kevin’s support throughout the years. Kevin states “When I win; you win.” However, anyone who is blessed to be close to Kevin is a winner and you’ll see how remarkable  he is when you listen to the show.

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