Episode 153 features rapper Continental Cudd. The episode was recorded on Continental Cudd’s birthday and fresh off the release of his new album titled Poetry in Motion, Volume 1.  Continental Cudd comes out the gate stating “Every line is foul you may need a referee. And I stay cooking up they be like Cudd what’s the recipe?” While no recipes are given; Brandy and Continental Cudd break down the entire album. The two discuss a variety of topics as Cudd shares his musical influences and themes throughout the project. Cudd is heavily influenced by classic artists such as the O’Jays and the Temptations but his flow has powerful punchlines reminiscent of Cassidy and Fabolous.  These influences are the perfect infusion of soul and rap which can be heard on the album. Poetry in Motion, Volume 1 is an incredible body of work with soulful samples and poignantly witty lyrics. His wordplay is incredible and the cadence is smooth on every beat. The project was two years in the making and certainly worth the wait.  Poetry in Motion, Volume 1 is masterfully crafted and available on all streaming platforms now! Be sure to stream and be on the lookout for future projects.

Music Featured in Episode:
0:00  Intro Boogeyman Freestyle
2:21.   2.0
30:25  Not Playing
34:40  Time featuring J Lay
40:20  When she calls
43:35  Flowers
49:02  Its Real

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