What is the difference between a beatmaker and a producer? Find out in this exclusive interview with the go-to producer in Oklahoma City. As soon as you hear the tag “Turn Me Up GQ”; you know the track is going to be blazing. Turn Me Up GQ chats with Brandy regarding his evolution from deejaying sold-out concerts to becoming one of the most sought-after producers in the city. GQ shares that he took an interest in music at a young age and played several instruments. His musical gifts allowed him to transition to deejaying, to engineering music, and ultimately producing his own beats. He discusses how he was able to create his own distinct sound that makes you want to press repeat. From producing daunting trap beats with a soulful vibe to creating a fresh take on tracks by utilizing samples; GQ can do it all. He is a true artist and takes listeners on a musical journey with epic syncopations and transitions. GQ details the ups and downs of his journey and gives industry insights on what lead him to turn down deals with major labels. He is authentic and his sharp, yet inventive style is what makes him the cream of the crop. Fresh off producing for Nayborhood Barbie’s breakout album, The Biggest; GQ shares his process and how he connects with the artists. Like any great producer, GQ has the intrinsic ability to bring out the best of every artist and further showcase their talents. This interview is insightful, and GQ has the talent to back up his bold yet truthful statements. He states that he wants to be the standard and he is well on his way to putting his signature sound on the map for Oklahoma. You can hear more of his production on Instagram @turnmeupgq and at https://ampl.ink/8ZzDG.

Music Featured in This Episode:

0:00 Nayborhood Barbie I-35 Instrumental

51:25: Nayborhood Barbie- On the Low

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