Episode 208 features the one and only Thomas Who?. Thomas stops by to chat with Brandy along with Dr. View about his upcoming EP entitled Perennial. Perennial is defined as “lasting or existing for a long or infinite time; enduring or continually recurring.” It is the perfect word because Thomas Who? continually drops phenomenal music but will also be appreciated for many years to come. The listeners get an exclusive preview of the EP which Dr. View produced. They combined forces to create a project that can only be described as an otherworldly masterpiece as the cover art depicts. In one track, Thomas Who? states he “leveled up the flow; optimized the time,” and he was not lying. Each track is a banger from the production, to the samples, to the flow. Their combined artistic abilities have created an amazing body of work and will undoubtedly stand the test of time. Thomas Who? has the confidence to say, “I rap better than you,” and you will see why when listening to his new music. Perennial drops on all streaming platforms on Thanksgiving Day, but we are the ones who should be grateful because you can hear it first in this episode.

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