Not many people can sell out tickets for a short film premiere in Okc in 2 days. The anticipation for the film 328i was high, and the bar has now been set. Episode 209 features Grand National. This is Grand National’s 4th appearance on the show and this time he brought the entire cast and crew. Grand National released his new album and short film to a sold-out theater on December 16th. A Shot of Brandy Podcast and co-host Alex Taylor had the honor of interviewing the cast live before the film’s premiere. 328i is a poignant coming-of-age film with brilliant cinematography, an impeccable script and talented cast. In this episode, listeners get the inside scoop on the film concept, auditions, chemistry among the cast, and character development.  The film writer, Nicole Jocleen, also stops by to share her creative process and how she developed the script from listening to the music. Devoted Media Group is certainly putting Okc on the map. Grand National’s creativity, eye for cinematography, and keen aesthetic sensibilities are shown throughout the film. The movie is the focal point for the music, which is Grand National’s best project to date. 328i, the album is available now on all streaming platforms as we patiently wait for the film’s release. Congrats to the entire cast and crew on an amazing project!

Music Featured in This episode: 0:39- What You Want

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