Episode 212 features rapper/singer LilSouth. As his name suggests, LilSouth is proudly from the southside of Oklahoma City. In this episode, he chats with Brandy regarding a variety of topics including his career, street life, and spirituality. Lil South is also known as the South side Drake. This is due to his intrinsic ability to rap and sing and because he is known for unapologetically expressing his emotions through his music. His project American Dreams and Penitentiary Nightmares is an amazing body of work. His follow up EP called Dreams is also great and showcases his rap skills. However, it’s blatantly clear he’s naturally gifted at both and his harmonies are unmatched. What is surprising is that even though LilSouth sounds like a veteran in the music game; he has only been at it seriously for one year. LilSouth states “I’m just getting warmed up”  and we can’t wait to support as his career progresses. Be sure to check out LilSouth’s music after the episode; it’s available on all streaming platforms. 
Instagram: @gangstar_lilsouth 
Music Featured in This Episode:0:00 Intro1:38 Dreams

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