EP214: Turner Cooper

Episode 214 “ My mama knew I was a star first – Thomas Who.” Turner Cooper was born in Englewood, CA but raised in Dallas, Texas(not to be confused with the DFW). In this episode, he chats with Brandy about how people in his life influenced him as a child and how he has built his career doing the same thing for the youth. Turner discusses how throughout his life he has had  educators have poured into him in a real way. From the time a teacher made him read Black Boy by Richard Wright; which would change the trajectory of his life, to him going to a high school that would prepare him for what he thought would be a career as a pediatrician. He ends up attending the prestigious Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA and describes his college experience as being a caterpillar coming out of his cocoon. Turner talks to Brandy about his career leading him to work as an educator  in major cities such as New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia; ultimately leading him back to Dallas, and now Tulsa, Ok. He discusses his discovery with his own mental health diagnosis and how he had to adjust during the start of the pandemic to take care of himself. Turner has also made a connection with A shot of Brandy’s own Dr. View and talks about how View assisted him during graduate school at Harvard University. Turner also has his own yoga practice which plans to expand with more classes coming soon. Please enjoy this episode and share it with someone who may need to hear it. 

Music On This Episode:
TAKE YOU (feat. Akeem Ali) – Dr. View

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