EP225: 5 Calendars

5 Years whoaaaaa!!  I look up and half my 30’s are gone while staying committed to this, staying true to this. Where have I been? Doing this. I know where I was at 30 and I know where I am today. Everything happened exactly how it was supposed to happen. It was all alignment. Blessings to all the guests and listeners. You all have motivated and inspired me so much. I  put the information over the money. I did it all for the Freeee and God paid me back tremendously. We know you’re soft, we know you wouldn’t have done it. It takes leadership to change The Game. I  sacrificed it all and lost it all. l even went homeless but I was still podcasting and doing God’s work. It is imperative that you know yourself. Stop being scared of yourself. The world has changed completely so you must adjust with the times. Do we keep going? You’ll leave it alone before I do; trust me. Thank you for 5 years. I greatly appreciate it. The goal is to be riding a S63 while living off mailbox money by 40. If the podcast can help me achieve this, we will continue. If it can’t, I have to move on to create whatever I need to to hit that goal. There have been 225 guests and I genuinely thank you. You all have kept the podcast afloat. See you in the Fall; it’s too hot to record ha.  -A Shot Of Brandy Podcast

Cheers To The Game
Glory To The Game
Blessings To The Game
They didn’t believe in us….. God Did.

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