EP235: Vokal Gold

Episode 235 features R&B artist Vokal Gold.  With a West Coast vibe that oozes from his smooth vocals and soulfully enduring lyrics, Vokal Gold takes us on a journey through his musical upbringing, transition from cover artist to original songwriter, and his rise to becoming one of the hottest artists in the streets. His pen game is unmatched and he has music that appeals to both women and men. From his roots in Park Estates, Oklahoma City, Vokal Gold shares insights on the importance of timing, gaining popularity, and opening for renowned artists like Vedo and Pleasure P. He gives a glimpse into dropping his EP Gemini, the unwavering support from his family, and the highs and lows of the music game. Keep an eye out for Vokal Gold’s forthcoming album Park Estates and miniseries as this electrifying episode promises an unforgettable experience of exceptional talent and captivating stories. Vokal Gold promises to drop more heat this fall but until then enjoy this episode.

Music Featured in this Episode:

0:00 Higher- Vokal Gold

1:53 Take You There- Vokal Gold

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