EP251: VideoHero pt.4

It is only right that the A Shot of Brandy Podcast has a legend as the first guest for 2024. Episode 251 features Jay Ridley, aka VideoHero. VideoHero is a creative force and a pivotal member of the production company Devoted Media Group. He also owns Ever After Wedding Videography and has shot over 250 weddings. He began his foray into videography in 2009 and captures our imagination with tales of evolution from a distinguished wedding videographer to a versatile filmmaker.

Throughout the conversation, VideoHero emphasizes the transformative power of curiosity and humility, attributing his success to these enduring qualities. He shares captivating insights into his projects, such as the emotionally charged “Bigger Than Me: My Fight With ALS” and the impactful “New Year, New Justice,” providing a window into his creative process.

We are treated to an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the Riding Legacy Film, where VideoHero unveils the cultural significance and profound impact it has had. He also shares how winning numerous awards at national film festivals has helped accelerate his career.  Beyond filmmaking, VideoHero is at the forefront of cultural events, helping orchestrate The National Black Cowboy Rodeo and Awards Gala, an initiative that not only brings together elite figures from the Cowboy community but also propels cowboy culture into the limelight.

Looking ahead, VideoHero sparks excitement with a sneak peek into upcoming projects like “Year of the Cane,” “Pony Express,” and “Water is a Different Ball Game.” His ambition to create a contemporary western film adds a layer of anticipation to his already diverse portfolio.

As VideoHero extends a warm invitation to The National Black Cowboy Rodeo and Awards Gala on February 10, 2024, at the prestigious Cowboy Hall of Fame, listeners are promised an unforgettable experience. Stay tuned for a continued exploration of VideoHero’s artistic legacy, where each project is a chapter in an extraordinary journey of creativity and history in the making.

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