EP36: The Johnson’s

Imagine meeting your husband or wife at 14 years old, only to realize more than a decade later that you’ve been knowing your forever valentine the whole time. That’s only a snippet of Caris and Leon’s love story. The two may have different versions of their Star Skate date back in the day, but they can both agree on how well they balance one another as husband and wife. The couple open up to Brandy about what attracted them to one another, how they’ve developed a fun and fresh marriage, and advice they’d give on preparing for a union. The two also give their take on taboo topics like whether you should live together before marriage, cooking for a man who’s not your husband, and if women should listen (or submit) to the man they’re dating. From details on wedding budgets to the practical ways the two continue to remind each other of their love and appreciation, there are too many gems to miss in this episode of A Shot of Brandy Podcast. Speaking of gems, listen for the proposal story that plays on the engagement ring perfectly.

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