EP38: Return Of Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones and Brandy swap stories of manifestation and focusing their energy. Since his first time on the show, the podcast has come in-house with Brandy developing the sound, editing, and producing everything on his own. Kevin had a hand in this change through a divine moment of intervention where he genuinely asked, “Why aren’t you doing this yourself?” That’s the type of man he has grown to be over time – a seeker of knowledge and student of life who often asks questions for the sole purpose of learning or manifesting. The two discuss meditation, vegetarianism, alignment, and preserving our energy. Kevin has seen hardships, of course, but he chooses to view them in a way that positively fuels his present and future self. From yoga to the stock market, Kevin encourages others to find their own light, their own niche, to find fulfillment in life while fully engaging in the process to get there because in reality, the destination is the journey.

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