Catasha Harris has a mantra – expression over repression. As a sexual empowerment coach, her aim is not to just help people have better sex. She helps individuals and couples alike to explore various forms of sexual expression through connecting with their partner, growing in their body confidence, healing from past trauma, and empowering them to be their best selves. Catasha shares pieces of her life with Brandy that have ultimately led her to become who she is today. From ragging in the halls of Star Spencer High School to commanding the stage as a stand-up comedian, she found ways to bring her natural talents to a platform to help people. At the same time, she routinely found herself being approached with the trauma, issues, and curiosities of both friends and strangers. After a while, these seemingly chance encounters turned into a calling. The two talk about the most common issue people experience sexually, kinky things people are into, the differences in how men and women approach sex, and peek into her suitcase of goodies on air.

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