EP89: The Return Of Shaina Thomas

This week author, teacher, and PhD student Shaina Thomas returns to the podcast. The talented writer shares how life has changed since her goal of publishing her first book was achieved. Shaina opens up about the intricate details of how her book came to fruition throughout the process of self-publishing. Her book entitled Tulsa’s Legacy was developed from a series of projects and the author states the characters grew with her. This episode gives a deeper understanding of the multi-faceted progression of writing a book. The author shares how creating the point of view, pace, and bringing the words and characters to life are imperative. From developing the cover art, self-promotion and navigating the business side of publishing- Shaina Thomas appears to be able to successfully do it all. Her book has received amazing feedback and is even being developed into curriculum in Oklahoma City Public Schools. Shaina also discusses what’s next in regards to future projects, book tours and virtual novel exhibits. The novel, Tulsa’s Legacy, is a coming of age novel circled around the Tulsa Race Riots of 1921. This is a story that must not only be told but understood and Shaina Thomas is up for the challenge. The book is currently available on Amazon.com and will be in Barnes and Noble soon.

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