EP92: Dekoven Edwards Jr

Hailing from Oklahoma City’s eastside, business man Dekoven Edwards stops by the podcast. Although seemingly laid back, the two have a candid discussion regarding a variety of topics including the marijuana business, politics, fatherhood and economics within the black community. Dekoven discusses his unique journey to business ownership starting with obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Communication from University of Central Oklahoma. The morals instilled by his father led him to join Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity which further nurtured his desire for success. Once medical marijuana became legal in Oklahoma, Dekoven sprang into action by educating himself on the industry. This resulted in the opening of Eden Pharmaceuticals in Midwest City, OK. Dekoven shares the process of opening a business and what sets his business a part from the increasing amount of competition. By growing and harvesting his own product, he is able to provide a unique yet high quality weed all customers can appreciate. He also shares his dreams of expansion for not only is business but his family. He also shares his hopes to assist in the revitalization the east side and putting money back into the black community. This episode provides a perceptive look into the marijuana business and is proof that all it takes is determination and the drive to succeed to accomplish your goals.

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