EP94: The Return Of De’lona Monay

The credit queen herself De’Iona Monay returns to the podcast to chat with Brandy about what’s new with her credit repair business. The credit coach, inspirational speaker and soon to be author discusses how she rebranded her business entitled Extreme Financial Academy. The purpose of the academy is to not only expound on credit repair but also to diversify her portfolio of financial services to further assist clients. She explains how she recognized the upswing trend in technology and used that to her advantage to capitalize on digital coaching. By expanding from credit repair to coaching, De’Iona is able to assist with educating clients and giving them the tools they need for success on hand in digital format. The two also discuss other topics such as the missing links in today’s educational system regarding finance, her flourishing public speaking opportunities and the transition from full-time employment to full-time entrepreneurship. The informative coach even drops a gem on how to settle student load debt effectively. De’Iona plans to further spread her knowledge by publishing two books; Lost in the Sauce and Breaking Barriers. The books will outline how to strategically build wealth but also will share her personal struggles in a difficult relationship. Be on the lookout as De’Iona is planning a multi-city tour to provide financial education in a fun yet instructive environment. For more information on De’Iona Monay be sure to check out her first appearance on the podcast in Episode 37

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