Two years ago I had a dream. God spoke to me in my dream and told me to be the voice for my people. He wanted me to display how brilliant we are- he wanted to say black excellence but didn’t lol. I was scared just by the thought, but I did the work. It […]

EP99: The Return Of Chop Chop w/ Seasoned Brand

A lot has transpired since Chop Chop last visited the show in Episode 32. This week, Chop returns to discuss his successful streetwear line – Seasoned Clothing and Apparel. Hip Hop is always ready to crown the next but Chop felt it was necessary to celebrate the seasoned vets. He discusses how he desired to […]

EP98: StuddaBudda

This week’s episode features Oklahoma City’s own StuddaBudda. StuddaBudda is uniquely multifaceted and has always celebrated his individualism. He states that life is simply “a collection of perspectives.” He openly shares with Brandy his perspectives on life and what cultivated him to be the artist he is today. StuddaBudda grew up in Oklahoma City and […]

EP97: Los Sanders

The nightlife scene in Oklahoma City has changed dramatically over the years. However, one person has remained a constant successful contributor to elevating the city’s nightlife experience. That person is Los Sanders. This week, Los stops by to converse with Brandy regarding his newests ventures! Los has had a keen sense of business acumen from […]

EP96: Nolan Young

This week’s episode features licensed carpenter and custom woodworking designer Nolan Young. Nolan is the owner of Gifted Hands Carpentry and Gifted Hands TV Mounting and Installation Services. The name of his business “Gifted Hands” is very fitting as his talent for custom designs is evident upon viewing his work. Hailing from the north side […]

EP95: Ziggie Oleru

Ziggie Oleru is known by many names, but somehow still manages to fly under the radar as a member of OKC’s business and hip hop communities. Zig stops by the show and talks to Brandy about growing up in what often felt like different worlds all at once. With a Nigerian father who’d immigrated to […]

EP94: The Return Of De’lona Monay

The credit queen herself De’Iona Monay returns to the podcast to chat with Brandy about what’s new with her credit repair business. The credit coach, inspirational speaker and soon to be author discusses how she rebranded her business entitled Extreme Financial Academy. The purpose of the academy is to not only expound on credit repair […]

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