EP103: Lauren McMillan

Drake’s line “How you let me run it down here? I’m not even from around here” adequately fits this week’s guest. Lauren McMillian is a Dallas transplant who has been making a tremendous impact on the Dallas scene since 2014. The creative director, influence, blogger, podcastor and on-air host chats with Brandy on how she cultivated her brand.  Lauren explains how life was growing up in Detroit and then relocating to Houston where she spent her formative years. She attended the University of Oklahoma and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English. While in college, she began making flyers for fraternities and club events. As she honed her craft, Lauren soon became in high demand. This ultimately led to creation of her graphic design business; Arrogant Images. Lauren is a true boss who just celebrated 3 years of working for herself independently. She discusses the transition from working in marketing and public relations in corporate America to betting on herself and building her own business. Lauren is a marketing genius who utilized her talents to throw her own parties and events under her event brand Netwerk and Chill.  A true hip-hop head; Lauren also hosts on air interviews for Cosign Magazine. She has interviewed artists such as Day26, Jas Prince and Bun B to name a few.  Most recently, Lauren has started a podcast called Drop It In the Group Chat. She and her cohost Rufus discuss hip-hop, pop culture, and all topics that go down in the group chat. Whether she is creating social media campaigns, creating flyers for prominent businesses, interviewing artists or writing, Lauren does it all with originality and professionalism. Lauren ends the episode with integral advice for up and coming entrepreneurs that will certainly put you on game.




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