EP165: Rodney Fennell

A Shot of Brandy Podcast is starting 2021 on a high note with Rodney Fennell; co-owner of Trees Cannabis Connection. Rodney and Brandy chat about how he got into the cannabis industry and became an advocate for the culture. He drops knowledge about the marijuana movement in Oklahoma. Originally from Muskogee, Oklahoma; Rodney talks about his upbringing and early days as a rapper. He shares how he educated himself on the weed industry and his journey to entrepreneurship. Rodney went from cutting hair to managing dispensaries to working as a processor, to owning his own dispensary. His story to success is truly inspiring. His expertise in the marijuana industry from a legal standpoint to the medical aspects of the product is unparalleled. Whether you are a weed connoisseur or just looking to start your own business; this episode is for you as Rodney drops many jewels. Rodney is an integral part of the Oklahoma cannabis community and has a brilliant business mind. Look out for his book which will be available soon. This episode is definitely one you do not want to miss! Trees Cannabis Connection is located at 2958 SW 59th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73119.

Facebook: Trees Cannabis Connection, Rodney J. Fennell

Instagram: @treescannabisco @rodneyfennell 

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