EP74: LaVelle Compton

Born in raised in Oklahoma, the twenty eight year old husband, cook, finance professional, website builder, world traveler and political candidate is more interested in doing than discussing. After seeing the teacher walk-out end with lackluster results earlier this year, Lavelle Compton decided to do something about it. Rather than just post about what other people weren’t doing, Compton threw his hat into the ring for House District 90. Hundreds of doors later and days before mid-term elections, the State House Candidate sits down with Brandy to discuss growing up on the East Side, the campaign trail, how he learned to cook, marrying his wife, and the importance of voting. The two also dive into the conflict that almost kept this episode from happening. From apologies to encouragement, the two men sit down over glasses of brandy to have genuine discussions about self reflection, YouTube and everything in between.


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