EP105: Anonymous #2

A Shot of Brandy Podcast’s anonymous series gives people a platform to share their stories unfiltered and free from judgment. In this week’s show, the anonymous guest  is identified is as only “E”. He candidly shares his journey of struggling with an opioid addiction and his long road to sobriety.  “E” now lives in Texas but is originally from Jacksonville, FL. The fast paced Florida lifestyle and allure of quick money lead “E” to begin selling drugs at the mere age of 13. He continued to build his “street pharmaceutical” business while in college. Unfortunately “E” failed to take heed to rule #4 of the 10 Crack Commandments- “never get high on your own supply.” He began to dabble with using opiates at the age of 21. “E” provides a detailed account of how his drug addiction lead him down a dark and destructive path and the abuse of  harder substances.  He describes how his life spiraled out of control, which resulted in DUI’s, arrests, and losing his job.  Throughout the episode, “E’” reveals various accounts of teachable moments that shifted his perspective on his negative experiences. He also explains how he hit rock bottom and what ultimately caused him to seek treatment. He completed two stints in rehab with the support of his girlfriend and family. Brandy and “E” discuss how life is different for him today after kicking his addiction. Despite the tough times he encountered, “E” has a positive outlook on life. He is a true survivor and a testament that with hard work and inner strength you have the power to overcome all obstacles. “E” concludes the episode with advice for anyone who may be struggling with addiction- seek help, attend meetings and surround yourself with people who genuinely care and love you.

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