Women seem to be dominating the rap scene in Oklahoma. Not only are they out rapping the men, but they are also bringing the crowds out to shows. This week’s episode features a top contender in the rap game; K.O.  Brandy and K.O. chat about her life growing up in Enid, OK, her blossoming rap career, and her development as an artist. They also go into depth regarding her new album titled In the Meantime…. This album proves that K.O. has nurtured her craft. She is gifted at the art of storytelling and she has the unique ability to diversify her flow. Whether she is speaking straight from the heart like in her song Grind & Cry or giving us something to vibe to like in Slide Thru; K.O. can literally do it all.  K.O.’s witty punch lines are a knockout, and she uses wordplay effortlessly. With her unique style, commanding stage presence, and music that does not miss; K.O. is the total package. Not one to be put in a box, K.O. also shares that she will be exploring different music genres with her next project. Overall, K.O.’s goal is to be internationally known. If anyone has the potential to put on for Oklahoma, it is definitely K.O. You can stream her latest project In the Meantime… on all streaming platforms and catch her next show at Ice Event Center on April 25th at 9 pm.

Instagram: @sheisko

Music Featured in This Episode:

0:00 -Sorry Not Sorry- K.O.

2:41- Grind & Cry- K.O.

34:40 Lost Ones- K.O. (feat. Lil Reeze B)

51:35- NWA- K.O (feat. Trip G)

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