EP143: Mayes 2020 (3 Years)

Wow. I can’t believe I have been podcasting for 3 Years after I was scared to do it initially for 2 years. Being scared and uncomfortable is good for you. It will test your limits and force you to grow. Greatness cannot be created while in your comfort zone. I stepped out to start my show and it has been 3 years of hard work, dedication, discipline and sacrifice. Everyone keeps asking about the money and sponsors; not knowing what I get from this money can’t buy. This is God’s work. By honoring His work, I know He will bless me with money on the path to success. I have acquired so many things from the show that are intangible. You can’t buy black people’s trust and you can’t buy women who don’t know you coming on the show. Podcasting makes me happy. It brings me joy and you cannot buy peace.  I stayed consistent with my own podcast and now have 142 episodes and counting. My show motivated me to start my small business. In turn, this has helped others start their own podcast. You won’t be judged by the material things you have but for the lives you have touched. Thank you for all the support, likes and shares. It definitely does not go unnoticed and I truly appreciate the support. 2020 has be a m/f but I’m still pushing through. I started my studio, dropped classic episodes and have appeared in two magazine articles this year and this is only 6 months in. Podcasting at Fire In Little Africa had me feeling like Bigg Tigger in the Rap City basement. It had me feeling like Arsenio Hall and all the legends I looked up to growing up. I remember back in 06’ telling CP that I’m the male Oprah. I messed around and really became it. Words have power and I manifested all of this. Thank you to all the guests that came out during the Covid-19 pandemic. Again, I really appreciate it. I am thankful and grateful. Let’s continue coming together and supporting each other.  Let’s continue to be great. Everything is US.  
Special THANK YOU to the following:

Ricky Vick

Danielle Williams

Kevin Cheatham

Chris Royal

Darron Lamkim

Dr. Johnson

Treamaine McDonald

Steph Simon

Marqus Studson

JD Runnels

Chop Chop

Dre Taylor

Ciara amor

Lauren McMillian


OKC Cake Lady


Thank You All

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