Black women entrepreneurs control 44% of women-owned businesses in the United States. This week’s guest, Famous Kiki, is the face of female empowerment and entrepreneurship in Oklahoma City. The busy business owner and hairstylist stops by the podcast to share her unique story.

Kiki was born in Wichita, Kansas but moved to Oklahoma City at 8 years old. She shares what it was like growing up being raised by her grandparents, with whom she has a close relationship with. Brandy and Kiki discuss how she became popular in high school while attending Edmond Santa Fe and how she obtained her moniker “Famous Kiki.” Kiki has a bubbly personality that radiates throughout the episode; so it is easy to see how she was able to use her people skills to increase her network. She reveals how networking transitioned into her throwing her own parties and then promoting some of the hottest events in Okc.

Kiki has a true hustler’s spirit and is constantly working to achieve even higher heights of success. Not only is she a hairstylist who sells hair and lashes, but is also a distributor for Total Life Changes. She gives the listeners insight on her personal weight loss journey and how CBD tea has changed her life and many others. Her before and after photos are amazing and she continues to motivate others to achieve their goals. She is currently working on her own CBD line to further enhance the lives of others.

This is a light-hearted and fun episode as Kiki promotes her positive message. However, she and Brandy also discuss some of the hate she receives from the tantalizing photos she posts on social media as well as “pretty girl privilege.”  Overall, Famous Kiki is a phenomenal businesswoman with a keen sense of business acumen who excels at sales, social media marketing, and leadership. She has brains and beauty and hopes to capitalize on her sparkling personality by appearing on reality television. Her growth and strong desire to win will surely lead to success. Be on the lookout for her new CBD products and other business ventures she has on the horizon.


Instagram: famous_kiki1

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