EP136: The Return Of Gregory II

Poet and novelist James Baldwin stated “The poet or revolutionary is there to articulate the necessity but until themselves apprehend it, nothing can happen. The people usually know it after the poet is dead, but that’s all right. The point is to get your work done and your work is to change the world.”
This week’s guest Gregory II is changing the world with his work which includes poetry, rap, Poetry and Chill events and empowering today’s youth through his nonprofit organization. Since appearing in Episode 72, Gregory has elevated his brand Poetry and Chill to higher heights. In this episode, he stops by to chat with Brandy regarding his development of Poetry and Chill as well as starting his nonprofit organization Poetry and Chill Kids. His movement has swiftly gained momentum and went from servicing 13 students to 250 students weekly. With Covid-19 in full effect, Poetry and Chill Kids offers weekly Instagram live workshops to help keep the students engaged. Gregory has a deep passion for students and a strong desire to be a positive black male influence. He shares how he provides guidance to students and how he can connect to them by letting students be themselves. By offering after school workshops; Poetry and Chill Kids provides a safe haven where students can freely create and express their artistic abilities through writing, group discussions, and talent shows. Poetry and Chill Kids is quickly making a positive impact within the community. They have been featured in the OK Gazette, News9, Fox 25 News, and NewsOK. Gregory also gives insights on the Poetry and Chill college tours. He shares how the events became popular through word of mouth and how they have held events at 35 colleges so far. Gregory plans to host more Poetry and Chill events in Okc for adults once it is safe. They offer a platform for artists to showcase their talent and for audiences to enjoy a chill vibe while appreciating local talent. Gregory is not only a poet but a talented rapper as well. His vivid storytelling is impeccable, and he utilized Poetry and Chill to display his musical abilities. With the social injustice and racial divide currently occurring in America, this episode provides a sense of relief as Gregory’s optimistic energy is radiant and encouraging. Gregory has an unwavering aspiration to be a positive influence for the youth of Okc and the community as a whole.

For more information please visit www.poetryandchillokc.com

IG: @poetryandchillokc @poetryandchillokckids

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