Episode 228 features DJ GP. He shares how he got his start as a DJ in Tulsa. Originally from Oklahoma City, DJ GP made it his mission to become one of the dopest DJs in the city; spawning his tag “DJ drop that dope.”  He has been djing locally in Oklahoma City for the past five years but has been djing since 2007.  He explains that he has a natural ear for the music which aided in his professional growth as he honed his craft. DJ GP gives great insights to the dj game and the politics behind the scenes.  DJ GP is super talented and has the innate ability to keep the party going. He even djs with no headphones! In just 5 short years, he has already booked tours to DJ for celebrities and at the Essence Festival in New Orleans. DJ GP calls himself “the hottest” and he is living up to his statement. He is known as” the sound of the streets” and masterfully created his own lane. DJ GP also hosts local showcases to use his platform to support local artists. You can catch him rocking the crowd at Tree Lounge and other local spots in Okc.

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