Not many artists have can convey their emotions through their music. This week’s guest, Yung Xayy, pens heartfelt, relatable songs that anyone can vibe to. The rapper turned singer chats with Brandy regarding his upbringing, music career, rebranding his image, and more. Yung Xayy is from Oklahoma City, Ok, and had an ear for music at an early age. His father is a producer and one of his musical influences. Yung Xayy explains how he honed his craft and transitioned from rapping to singing. Once he felt comfortable singing on the microphone, Yung Xayy became unstoppable. He has released multiple projects such as Heartbreak Xayy 1 &2 and 50 Shades of Xayy. His music has catchy melodies and his voice glides over the beats. Yung Xayy has the ability to create dope tracks while unabashedly putting his feelings on display. His music is reminiscent of Drake, Partynextdoor, and Tory Lanez but Yung Xayy is an incredible artist in his own right.  Many are anticipating the release of his new album called Heartbreak Xayy III. An exclusive preview of his new song called Water is featured in this episode. Yung Xayy also discusses his plans for the future, upcoming projects, and hints of major news regarding his career. While he is merely 22, he is definitely wise beyond his years and it shows in his music. Yung Xayy is certainly on the rise and will only go up from here. You can find all of Yung Xayy’s music on all streaming platforms and lookout for Heartbreak Xayy III dropping soon.  

Instagram: @yungxayy

Music Featured in This Episode:

0:00- This Way- Yung Xayy ft Kaylie

2:45 Surf- Yung Xayy

38:38 Water- Yung Xayy

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