EP112: Darron Lamkin

A Shot of Brandy Podcast returns to Oklahoma City for Season 11. This season’s first guest is Darron Lamkin; an engineer by day who has a true passion for being a champion for the youth of Oklahoma City.  Darron hails from Oklahoma City but bounced around to 27 different schools before ultimately graduating from Putnam City Original High School. He shares his trials and tribulations that occurred during his upbringing and how his experiences created his tenacious desire to succeed. Holding tightly to the values instilled by his mother, Darron overcame his obstacles and graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He persevered and went on to receive a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management. Darron states that “applied knowledge is power” and he wanted to utilize the knowledge obtained from his education to embolden this generation. This led to the birth of his nonprofit organization called Class Matters, Inc. Class Matters provides science, technology, engineering and mathematics exposure to disadvantaged youth of Okc. Darron talks of his organization and how he is helping to empower students with opportunities to fulfill their dreams. The program has a high success rate with helping over 400 students go to college. Darron is an outstanding community leader and motivational speaker. His dedication and community involvement makes it evident that he is truly a class act. To learn more about Class Matters or to donate please visit www.class-matters.org.

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