EP121: Demarco Robinson

The wait is over. A Shot of Brandy Podcast returns with a special 2-hour episode! This is the first show recorded in the new Creators Create Studio. This week’s guest is perfect because he, too, is a creator of many things. Demarco Robinson, aka DJ Country Fresh, joins Brandy in discussing his numerous talents. The self-taught graphic designer is also a DJ, author, game inventor, and founder of charities that focus on giving back to the community. In his first-ever interview, Demarco details his life journey as a natural-born hustler. His entrepreneurial mindset was exhibited from an early age as he began selling candy and soda at nine years old. Demarco has an exceptional work ethic, and he further describes what keeps him driven throughout the show. Demarco states, “My creativity is special; its not normal.” He used his natural abilities to develop his brand and to capitalize on his ideas. From creating Trap Spelling Bee ( a card game spelling urban slang words) to Djing on the weekends, to writing his own life story; Demarco is unrelenting in his determination to be successful. He is utilizing his platform to network and inspire others by having “ A Brunch of Kings,” which will be a networking brunch for professional black men. Demarco also explains how he is venturing into providing graphic design classes as well. 
 Demarco embodies the Jay Z line “I’d rather die enormous than live dormant.” His focus is creating generational wealth for his family while living out his legacy in the present. This episode is extraordinary and will give you the motivation you need to bring your own ideas to life.
For more information please visit www.designsbydemarco.co IG: @trapspellingbee FB: :https://www.facebook.com/demarcorobinson

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