This week’s episode features Oklahoma City’s own StuddaBudda. StuddaBudda is uniquely multifaceted and has always celebrated his individualism. He states that life is simply “a collection of perspectives.” He openly shares with Brandy his perspectives on life and what cultivated him to be the artist he is today.

StuddaBudda grew up in Oklahoma City and had a fondness for music and sports at an early age. He was a talented athlete which led to a short stint in playing college football after graduating high school from Santa Fe. He then moved to Kansas City and attended school for video production. It was there that he began to flourish his rap skills. Once he returned to Okc in 2005, StuddaBudda began making a name for himself in the underground rap scene. It was a slow and steady grind that helped build his foundation and he soon became a respected local artist. Not one to shy away from controversy; StuddaBudda and Brandy also openly discuss conflicts that arose between artists. StuddaBudda was influential in bridging the gap between Okc and Tulsa’s hip hop community.

StuddaBudda has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to fashion. Therefore, it was no surprise that he began his own eco-fashion line called Okcvlt. The line is inspired by 80’s fashion such as the movie The Warriors and Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal video. By utilizing old denim pieces to create fresh jackets and vests, he is able to provide a sustainable solution to fashion. Although, he does not consider to be a designer,but a true artist. His slogan “death before designer” is a true testament to his craft. He states “I do not want to be the next Gucci or Prada…I just want to do me.” By taking a look at StuddaBudda’s fashion, art, or listening to his music, it is clear that he is doing just that. He has found success with staying in his lane and forging his own path. With new projects on the horizon, StuddaBudda is sure to further expand his fashion brand to new heights.

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