Nipsey Hussle stated, “On a mission, your worst enemy is idle time.” This week’s guest has not remained idle as he has put in work for Oklahoma City’s hip-hop scene for the past 20 years. This episode features J. Poe, aka The General, one of Oklahoma City’s legends. J. Poe has played an integral part in the local rap community by making substantial contributions and continuously putting on for the city. J. Poe is an emcee and host who was born and raised on the southside of Okc; specifically, Kerr Village.  Brandy chats with J. Poe regarding his upbringing and how he began his hosting career by hosting freestyle battles. Known for his big personality, he quickly became the voice of the streets. His talent for entertaining, popularity and his keen ability to excite the crowd led to him being Core DJs first Core emcee. Listening to the episode is like going down memory lane, as J. Poe recalls the early days of the hip hop scene in OKC. Respect is a huge theme in this podcast. J. Poe pays respect to artists from Okc and Tulsa who are making waves. He also pays respect to DJ Tone, who recently passed away. Brandy and J. Poe candidly discuss the state of the hip hop culture in Okc and how it has evolved over the years. J. Poe emphatically gives Jabee his props as being the face of Oklahoma rap. Though some say the game should be sold and not told, J. Poe divulges tips for up and coming artists for free throughout the show. Much respect to J. Poe- a true icon whose respect has been well earned.

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