EP244: Kian Taylor

Episode 243 of A Shot of Brandy Podcast features Kian Taylor, a Film Director and Creative Director for DB Precision, Face First Podcast, and The Pivot. Hailing from the Forest Park area of Oklahoma City, Kian shares his remarkable journey from being a Navy veteran to a thriving film director. His military experience shaped him into the man he aspired to be.

Kian’s path took an interesting turn when he started a fashion company. To market his business effectively, he delved into video production and photography, eventually making it his full-time pursuit. His videos are known for their crisp visuals and captivating imagery, showcasing his keen eye for photography and film.

One of his standout projects is the Riding Legacy film, which premiered at the Deadcenter Film Festival and earned the audience award. This film played a pivotal role in pushing the culture forward and empowering the Oklahoma Cowboy Community. It was also showcased at various film festivals, broadening its audience.

Kian offers insights into the film industry in Oklahoma and the appreciation of art. He also takes us behind the scenes, discussing the intricacies of editing, lighting, and filming.

Currently, Kian is working on two other documentaries, so keep an eye out for his upcoming projects. His creative vision and dedication are sure to continue making a significant impact in the world of film.


IG: @kianceativestudios 

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